Chicago, IL, US


  • Dave-Vox
  • Richie-Vox
  • Blake-Guitar
  • Marc-Bass
  • Greg-Drums

Born and raised under the influence of their hometown elders Born of Osiris (Sumerian Records) and Veil Of Maya (Sumerian Records). We bring to you the most monumentally cataclysmic sound on the planet, Rogue. Originally formed in 2009, known by everyone in the local scene as the new definition of music, "FUCKING METAL", due to the utter savageness that they introduced unto this world. Rogue, comprised of the most talented death metal musicians in the Chicagoland area, will make you tremble at the knees with their catastrophic guitars, ear-shattering percussion, and soul-reaping vocals, and ground-shattering bass. Prepare for the end. Rogue


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  • maidenfan1409
  • Elitisthavoc

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new shit coming out next tuesday!