Palermo, Italy


  • Alessio Cannella - Vocals
  • Luciano Cucinella - Guitar
  • Lorenzo Saitta - Guitar
  • Andrea Scalia - Bass
  • Ludovico Cucinella - Drums

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Samsara borns in 2010, from the ashes of a previous cover-band, driven by desire of making our own music. We started off with a rough hardcore/metalcore inspired by Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho (before) and Textures (later on) releasing two EPs: Hate in Veins (2011) and Blank Shapes (2012).
During this period though, our musical taste was evolving as we was growing up, so we felt the need to approach to a more complex genre.
At the start of 2013, inspired by the fervid Djent current, we decided to embrace 7 strings guitars: on april 2013 we released our third EP called "UNO".
Sadly, due to departure of two members the band had to broke up after summer.
However, in 2015, we met again and we were able to reunite the band with a new singer; we left behind our old songs and we started all over again, almost from scratch.
In December 2015, after a year of jams, gigs, and recordings, we released a new song called "Reiteration", which is definitely a point-break between the old and the new stuffs.

Now, we are composing new songs and we are heading to a full-lenght album, which is going to be (hopefully) released in 2016.


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