Midtjylland, Denmark


  • Mikael Rise - Vocals
  • Morten Christensen - Drums
  • Martin Dalmark - Bass
  • Hamed Golchin - Guitar
  • Mads Vigeholm - Guitar and backing vocals

Scamp was originally the brainchild of guitarist Mads Christensen and drummer Morten Christensen. After releasing their first critically acclaimed EP, “The New Groove Complex”, an additional guitarist, Kristian Bruun, and vocalist Mikael Rise was added to the line up, their creative sparring resulting in the EP, “re-draft” which was recorded at Jacob Hansen Studios (Hatesphere, Mnemic, Mercenary) and mixed at ZigZound by Ziggy (Illdisposed, Mercenary, Hatesphere) Released in 2005, it further improved Scamp’s position as one of the most respected unsigned bands in the Danish metal scene. Having previously performed with Mnemic and Mercenary, Stonegard, Darkane and Evergrey, Scamp delivers unnervingly tight live sonic assaults on its audience, that, despite the highly technical polymetrics never looses its groove! “Scamp (…) delivered a killer performance, that absolutely ranges in the category of ingenious” (Danish Metal) While having developed their own unique style, Scamp has been described as a mix between Meshuggah, Fear Factory and Chimaira incorporated with intense melodic passages that adds to the atmospheric feal of the music.”It can’t get any better. “re-draft” is an album of high quality death with a major twist of atmosphere.” (Metal Coven) All in all, Scamp just might be the ambush you never saw coming! The press wrote: “Super aggressive tight riffs and great music, played by super musicians.” ( “Crank up the volume to max intensity and I’ll bet you can’t resist the complex grooves!” (Danish Metal Pages)


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The New Groove Complex EP
unsigned January 1, 2003
Re-Draft EP
unsigned January 1, 2005
Mirror Faced Mentality Full-length
Scarlet Records August 25, 2008
The Deadcalm Full-length
Scarlet Records June 9, 2014


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This is one of the BEST FREAKING BANDS I'VE EVER HEARD! They are blowing my mind right now.

Seriously the number of HOLY SH** moments on The Deadcalm, plus the amount of straight headbobbing-inducing rhythms is just mind boggling.

Michael's voice on the new album is the new era for Scamp...seriously!! can't wait...

love their intensity and the metalic sound of drumset especially the snare!! i hear a little bit of meshuggah in them . by the way they reached their own style

you guys are the best!!