A Sense of Gravity

Seattle, Washington, USA.


  • C.J. Jenkins: Vocals
  • Brendon Williams: Guitar, Programming, Production
  • Morgan Wick: Lead Guitar
  • Brandon Morris: Keyboards, Guitar
  • Pete Breene: Drums
  • Chance Unterseher: Bass

Combining searing riffs with powerful melodies, contemporary harmony, polyrhythmic grooves, and virtuosic solos, A Sense of Gravity is dedicated above all to strong, musical composition and moving songwriting. Formed in 2011, the Seattle band spent their first years crafting the unique sound they are known for today by fusing modern progressive metal with classic prog, death metal, jazz fusion, and the occasional dose of cinematic orchestral music.

In 2014, the six-piece released their debut album Travail, which was received with worldwide critical acclaim, drawing comparisons to bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, and Meshuggah. Described as “…already bringing an A-game strong enough to potentially dethrone the long-seated kings of the genre,” A Sense of Gravity have returned after two years of passionate dedication to their craft with the natural follow-up to their debut: Atrament, a 67-minute masterpiece of progressive metal.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
A Sense of Gravity Demo
unsigned August 1, 2011
Travail Full-length
unknown February 21, 2014
Atrament Full-length
unknown November 18, 2016


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