Bloomington, Illinois, USA


  • Brad Tuttle - Vocals
  • Ike Lindsey - Machines
  • Keith Dailey - Bass
  • Johnny Reed - Drums
  • Jonny Funk - Guitar

Seven began in the basement of Brad Tuttle in 2001 as a solo recording project. A live band was eventually pieced together to bring the music to the stage. Seven released their debut full-length album "Echoes of Old Voices in the Rise of New Machines" in October of 2007. 2 years later the band release their new sophomore album "Cymatics" with a heavier and polished sound.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Labelsort icon Release date
Dark Scientific Full-length
unknown April 17, 2017
Cymatics Full-length
Unsigned October 31, 2009
Echoes Of Old Voices In The Rise Of New Machines Full-length
Unsigned October 2007
End of the Circle Full-length
Unsigned January 7, 2014


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Theres a lot of rumors surrounding the "cymatics" album having been heavily plagiarized and many of the songs being purchased samples that brad used on the album without giving credit. I listened to the album I like it, but I can say that there is some odd production changes from beginning to end that may lend some credence to the rumors. Enjoy though, not a bad album at all!

Love the vocals of this band ^__^ Love Cymatics too Smile

It's a shame these guys broke up, they were actually from my hometown Smile

fucking great!

holy crap this is so awesome! check out their website! new album soon and a new song!!!
I'm so excited for this! been listening to them since they broke up

The band website is down! What happened to it? Sad

1. The album was recorded over a period of 3 years on at least 4 computers. The sound evolved and I cared little about consistent production throughout the album still somewhat a beginner with production and really never expected it to be heard by as many people as it did. Cymatics was literally the second album I had ever produced so it reeks of amateur.

2. 3 songs on Cymatics were tightly based on Paul Ortiz' Ambient Metal Constructions producer packs which contain loops and samples for constructing songs. These rumors you speak of were started by the attention hungry, butthurt, former bass player whose misunderstandings were quickly muffled by the sound of the records I produced afterward.

3. You can't plagiarize Royalty free samples. It's like when a movie director uses stock footage...That's what its there for. The album didn't have credits it was digital release only and credits were never even given to me much less the creator of a producer pack that didn't call for credit.
Let's suppose I had hypothetically...Do we give Toontrack album credit when we program drums in Superior Drummer?...Not that I've ever seen.

Regardless of how people feel about me not having written 100% of that album--I put my heart into those three songs just as much as the other 3/4 of the album. Seven has been a diary of my own personal artistic growth since I was 16 years old rather than something I do to impress people or acquire vaginas. The next album will be done soon. No sample packs but somehow it magically still sounds like Seven!

Absolutely agree. I actually own and play around with the chimp spanner ambient metal libraries. I already had Cymatics before the loops, so one time when I was listening to the album and recognized the riffs I was a little taken aback...but not discouraged or thought ill. They ARE royalty free loops and were used in an original way, put into progressions that were born out of your own creativity and as much as I can tell, even edited a bit to match your personal vision. That's the purpose of those types of libraries. I am a fan and will continue to be, so fuck all the little butthurt naysayers. The new songs sound great and I'm looking forward to the album!