London and South East, United Kingdom


  • Justin Hill (vocals)
  • Dan Weller (guitar)
  • James Leach (bass)
  • Pin (guitar)
  • Mikee W Goodman (vocals)
  • Dan 'Loord' Foord (drums)

SikTh was a six-membered progressive/technical metal band, originating from Watford, England. They formed in March 2001, with their music being under the scope of many music magazines such as Kerrang! and Metal Hammer and a favourite of BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs. The band were signed to independent record label Bieler Bros. Records at the time of their disbandment.

SikTh’s style of music is hard to categorize and as they incorporate many different elements of metal, rock and hardcore. They are commonly categorized as progressive metal due to their unorthodox approach, as well as technical metal and mathcore due to the complex nature of their instrumental playing abilities.

Their debut EP “Let The Transmitting Begin” was first released in the UK in 2002, featuring songs that all appeared on their debut album “The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out… Wait For Something Wild”, which was released August 18, 2003 on Gut Records. Two singles were released from the album, namely “Scent Of The Obscene” and “Peep Show”.

SikTh’s last album “Death of a Dead Day” was released in the UK June 26, 2006 after the band performed at Download Festival 2006. Later that year the band headlined the Collision Course festival in Bridgend and Yeovil and performed across the UK for their own headline tour.

The band announced their split in May 2008 after a hiatus of a few months, stating that ‘if it were viable for us to carry on - we would’.

Band members:
Dan Weller (guitar)
Pin (guitar)
James Leach (bass)
Dan ‘Loord’ Foord (drums)

Mikee W Goodman (vocals) (left in 2007 to focus on another band)
Justin Hill (vocals) (left in 2007 to produce, and focus on side projects)
Pin (guitars) has recently started new band Aliases who have just announced their signing to Basick Records.

Addendum- Recently the band announced that Mikee and Justin would be leaving the band, .due to this fact the band wouldn’t be the same and decided to split up.
we can only hope for a reunion tour in the future.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Let The Transmitting Begin EP
Gut Records September 2, 2002
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out... Wait for Something Wild Full-length
Gut Records August 18, 2003
Death of a Dead Day Full-length
Bieler Bros. Records June 26, 2006
Opacities EP
Peaceville Records December 4, 2015
The Future In Whose Eyes? Full-length
Millennium Night/Peaceville Records/Snapper June 2, 2017


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Euroblast... I've seen them Smile

They're back..


i always used to say that sikth are best uk metal band ever.


SikTh is the soundtrack for my life. Best-band-ever.


this is the band that started it all for me.
after that day, i compare everything to this.

whats the closest thing you have been to seeing something similar as sikth?

here's mine, i just discovered this:

the grooves and the vocals are pretty similar, what you guys think!?


There is no other band in it's genre.

Best band in it´s genre!