Aurora, Ontario, Canada


  • Jim McAvoy - Vocals
  • Kevin Kryshka - Guitar
  • Adam Mozzetti - Bass
  • Vincent Anastasi - Drums
  • Jonathan Fuentes - Guitar

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SINTHETIK was shaped in the minds of four musically and similarly minded individuals, graduating high school and unsure what to do with the future. Based out of Aurora,Ontario we always went to Toronto to check out the metal shows, becoming very intrigued with the energy and atmosphere. Realizing we had the pieces, we decided to start jamming and fit the puzzle together, eventually finding a vocalist we thought was the final jigsaw.

We began our long and treacherous voyage in the underground metal scene, playing many shows and attempting to record several times. Starting to evolve, we realized our vocalist wasn’t exactly what we needed, went back to a 4 piece and focused on the music.

This allowed us to refine and record the songs we were playing at the time, which became “Tranceformation”, and write new material. Tranceformation was a 4 song EP, released 11/11/11 and recorded in Ajax by Mark Jossul at Mobus Music, which featured Adam (bass) and Kevin (guitar) on vocals. We were satisfied to have something recorded but also realized we needed to search for that missing piece.

The search was on, so we decided to release a video of a newer song without vocals, and then held auditions. It gave us an opportunity to see their creativity and ability, especially since it was a longer song. Surprisingly not taking too long, we found Jim McAvoy, jammed with him several times to confirm that he was a good fit, and also found him easy to get along with. SINTHETIK became a complete band yet again, which fulfilled and motivated us to get back to Mobus Music and record another 6 song EP. SINTHETIK sets sail yet again with the same crew and a new captain, looking to conquer the rough waves of the underground metal scene. SINTHETIK is heavily influenced by ancient knowledge and mysticism, spirituality, corruption of nature, and the realm of the psychedelic.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Tranceformation EP
unsigned November 11, 2011
Concrescence EP
unsigned August 31, 2012
Concrescence (Remastered) EP
unsigned March 18, 2013
Hive Mind EP
Unsigned March 8, 2015


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if you have not listened to these guys you should the will be the next Meshuggah