Sithu Aye


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Cassini Full-length
unsigned September 26, 2011
Isles EP EP
Self-Released February 11, 2012
Invent the Universe Full-length
unsigned October 15, 2012
26 EP
Unsigned June 26, 2013
I (Plini/Sithu Aye Split EP) Split
unsigned November 28, 2013
Pulse EP
Unsigned January 24, 2014


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Just discovered you several weeks ago. Absolutely loving your music. Smile

He's pretty active on the site Ask Fm.

Love this guy. Anybody know how to contact him?

nice music. atmospheric progressive

Amazing music Sithu! I love the themes of space and astronomy you bring out in your tunes, its fucking epic! Also you have tone, so much tone! Keep it up brother! Enjoy that Masters Wink


Such phenomenal sound you're creating! The attitude of this latest album is just great. As a 22 year old engineer I can relate to what little spare time you have, but standing ovation to finding the effort and skill to put this music out! I'm looking forward to more of this kind of music.

i would say this is the physisc's music. very great job man!

The vibe


Amazing guitar work. Im a new fan of instrumental djent but you rank up there with all the best (in my opinion) with bands like AAL, Chimp Spanner and Periphery (minus the cookie monster vocals). Thank you sincerely !

Thank you for a great music!Smile

Woohoo, 100 got-djent fans! Thank you guys Smile

Genius music!!!! respect from Indonesia!

Just discovered this. Listening to Cassini now and it's amazing. Would have been in my top five releases of 2011 if I had listened to it a few days ago.

When I recorded the first minute of Messier Object it gave me such a 'Behaving Badly' vibe that I almost scrapped the song altogether. But then I kept it for the hell of it, and I'm glad I did Smile

Messier object reminds me of Behaving Badly by AAL,which is an awesome thing.from what i've already heard you have some great songs.Keep up the great work and good luck Laughing out loud!!

well good luck to the university, man! Wink not saying you suck at music .. u 1 of the best in the scene!!!!`

Yeah, very AAL as well as Periphery and a dash of Tesseract.

Quite similar to ANIMALS AS LEADERS but that's not wrong. Awesome piece of music.