Slice The Cake

England, Sweden, Australia


  • Gareth Edwards
  • Jonas Johansson
  • Jack Richardson

Slice The Cake is an intercontinental progressive deathcore trio formed in 2009.
A two-piece at the point of inception, Gareth Edwards (England) and Jonas Johansson (Sweden) first created the original demo of the track "Cleansed," with Gareth on vocals and Jonas on guitar, drum programming and production respectively.

Later in the year, a third member was brought into the picture with the inclusion of Jack Richardson (Australia) on bass.
In early 2010 they released their debut EP, titled after the original demo and it spread like wildfire via word of mouth and the album being uploaded on filesharing sites and posted on blogs dedicated to sharing music.

For the past 2 years, Slice The Cake has grown silent and the fans of the first EP hungry for something new, but the wait is over, and their debut album, "The Man With No Face" sees the band expanding their musical horizons and exploring all of the realms of sound hinted at on the Cleansed EP, and many more that were not, to the fullest extent; featuring a fractured and experimental approach to vocals, a heightened focus on orchestral elements and melody, a short foray into ambient music and uncompromising, monolithic heaviness.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Cleansed EP
Self-released March 1, 2010
The Man With No Face Full-length
Self-released March 1, 2012
Other Slices Full-length
Myriad Records December 21, 2012
Odyssey to the West Full-length
Self-released April 1, 2016
Odyssey to the Gallows Full-length
Self-released April 1, 2016


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Brothers!! I'm sorry i'm late to this badass Cake party! C:
Easy Access:

So glad I found these guys! Now I'm addicted to cakecore!!!!!

Now there are almost 100 fans

This band is not that extremelly insane that I heard before get into them... But those riffs are heaviers as hell. Ave Slice The Cake, haha. I Love It!

This band...does not suck!

Everything they make is fucking golden.

i don't get why there r less than 20 fans.... i mean, for a DIY band, the production is perfect! and the music is sick! spread the word! the only thing that bothers me, is their stupid name...