Puerto Rico


  • Fernando Larsson - Guitar
  • Raphiel Hernandez - Drums
  • Eloy Otero - Guitar
  • Roberto Jos - Bass

Instrumental/Progressive/Metalcore from the island of Puerto Rico. Statera stands for the individualism of the souls and the virtues of interconnected.

Inspired by the "Reality Transurfing" books from author Vadin Zeland volumes 1-5 and the experiences we live towards renewing our point of views, Statera is best described as a journey towards introspection and self-discovery. The band's melodic approach are accompanied by self experiences that transcend the way we think in a positive way. We base our premises that we should speak in present terms and in current moments since we are living these discoveries as we imagine them as well. We encourage the use of reflection and innovation of the true self to reach the maximum equilibrium.


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