Subcortical Inertia

Perugia, Italy


  • Luca Toccaceli - Guitar/Vocals/Key & Loops
  • Giulio Burini - Drums
  • Gabriele Farani - Bass
  • Maurizio Cugno - Growls/Screams
  • Mattia Giorgetti - Guitar
  • Lorenzo Natalini - Keys

In the previous episodes:

Once burned old DreamlesS' ashes, and after having brought to light Mistakes (2008) and Fable 2.0 ( 2010), the Subcortical Inertia project starts off, with the intention of getting extreme the simple influences, that have been part of the band's songwriting so far, such as frequent features with an electronic background and some ingredients with a math-core derivation.
After having shared the stage with bands of international calibre such as Mnemic, Node, Empyrios, Coram Lethe, Chaos Among Nameless and others, and after having given a welcome in the "family" to Gabriele Farani as the new bass player, our heroes are ready to tread the boards again, taking along with them a little bit of "healthy" devastation!


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Promo 2013 Demo
unknown October 21, 2013


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