Croatia, Zagreb


  • Mario "CUBErt" Tomašković - Guitar
  • Jovan "Jay Kay" Kosta Vučetić - Guitar
  • Igor "Deimos" Čeranić - Samples & Keyboard
  • Ivan Jovičić - Vocals
  • Andreas "The Ralph" Šala - Bass

Subscale is a band from Zagreb, Croatia. Its music is driven by sledgehammer riffs with a melodic backbone influenced by bands such as Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Mnemic and Pantera.
Jay turned this bedroom project into a band when he teamed up with Mario and started bouncing riffs back and forth.

After rallying up the rest of the lineup, which included a well known producer Igor Deimos on keyboards, Subscale released the EP dubbed “Fictional Constructs” in 2012 with 3 tracks and 2 remixes. The band got signed to Geenger Records shortly after and released their first full length record entitled “The Last Submission” in 2013.

The album was met with awesome reviews, calling it the best metal album of the year in the region. It’s been 3 years since the album dropped and the band has gotten through some lineup changes. The core members Jay, Mario and Igor decided to reanimate the band with a new lineup and a new record. The follow-up to “The Last Submission” is due in spring 2016 and will show off a new level of aggression and complexity. Follow Subscale on facebook for the latest news and updates.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Fictional Constructs EP
unsigned September 2, 2012
The Last Submission Full-length
Geenger Records March 13, 2013
Devolution Full-length
Geenger Records September 23, 2016


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Thank you mate - it really is a workout song Smile

dudes ANTECEDENT has been my workout song for the past 6 months..I keep it on repeat..shit gets me pumped!

Sure thing - for now the EP is out and is free for download! Smile

Youtube is next Wink

you guys are awesome.. vocals are great..plz upload more music on youtube..