Aveiro, Portugal


  • Luís Rocha - vocals
  • João Actlike - lead guitar
  • Gonçalo Lemos - drummer
  • João "Jay" Caçoilo - Bassist
  • João "Saí" Santos

The project started back in 2008, when Gonçalo and Jay decide to form a band and then inviting João Merendeiro (Korn), Luís Rocha (Shark) and João Santos (Sai) to join them, thus creating State Zero, that started by performing covers and one original song.

However, by November, they split. But due to a great will and dedication from everyone, a few months later the band reunites again, as Silver Stake, hitting its peak with a show in Gafrock festival '09 with Emanuel from Damnull as bass player (due to conflicts with his two musical projects, Jay had to leave the band in the summer of 2009).

In October of that same year, the band members put aside their differences with Jay and in their 2nd gig, Jay returns presenting themselves with the name SYNOPSE, along with a heavy musical change, bringing up their influences to the table (bands like In Flames, Trivium, Mastodon, Tool, etc).

Their first studio recording was made due to a good performance at the gafrock show, this being a recording of their song "Bring You Down", recorded in Covil Estúdios with Hugo Pereira.

Months later and after a good number of gigs, SYNOPSE record their debut CD on February/March '10, again in Covil, entitled "A Li(f)e Before Our Eyes". It's was the result of a lot of work and effort by everyone in the band.

João Merendeiro (korn) leaves Synopse without a lead guitarist in August '10. To replace him, Hugo Ferrão joined the band but not for very long, as he leaves the band a few months later.

Meanwhile, João Merendeiro (korn) returns to the band and we are creating our new songs, Djenty songs.


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