Ten Tonn Hammer

St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Koian Hammerhead (vocals)
  • Den Boltt (bass)
  • Alexander Khoroshevsky (drums)
  • Alex Silkin (guitar)

TEN TONN HAMMER is an international groove-metal / progressive hardcore band formed in 2006 in St.Petersburg, Russia by musicians from Russia, Slovak Republic and Belarus. Originally TTH played metalcore music, which can be heard on their first album called “Poslednie Dni…” (2008). After previous vocalist’s accidental death, “new blood” influence changed the band’s genre to groove-metal. Koian Hammerhead, from Bratislava (Slovak Republic) became the new singer. But during the recording process of their second album, which was made in two languages, the guitar player has decided to end his music career, and other members were pushed to start the search again. Very soon they’ve found a very talented young musician named Alex Silkin who moved to St.Petersburg from Saratov City (Russia). This took TEN TONN HAMMER to a new technical level, and changed its' music to progressive hardcore metal. Their last album “Your Words Are Nothing” was recorded in summer 2011, and was mixed/mastered by a well-known metal producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Planet-Z studio, Hadley, USA) who worked with bands like Suicide Silence, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Threat Signal, The Acacia Strain and others. In September 2011, drummer Armen Bolyan had to end his career due to serious health issues, and after several months of casting, Alexander Khoroshevsky from South Russia became the new TTH drummer. During these years the band gave a lot of shows on Russian territory, recorded 3 albums (two of them are in two languages), 2 EP’s, and made 3 videos. In February 2012, TTH released the new official video of the song “Survival Of The Best” from their latest album, “Your Words Are Nothing” (Fono LTD Records).


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Your Words Are Nothing Full-length
unknown September 1, 2011
В Поисках Истины. Часть 1 EP
unknown February 23, 2016


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Эта группа очень канавку ориентированные
не забудьте проверить их
метроном! lol

Джэнт штоле? Серьезно? Ну заебись!!! Ахуенно рубаете!