Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


  • Daniel Tompkins - Vocals
  • Acle Kahney - Guitars
  • James Monteith - Guitars
  • Amos Williams - Bass
  • Jay Postones - Drums

TesseracT will confuse, bemuse, amuse and abuse you all in one song.

Currently recording their highly anticipated debut album TesseracT will be touring the UK and Europe throughout 2009.

The band consists of Acle Kahney and James Montieth – Guitars; Abisola Obasanya - Vocals who has recently left the band on great terms; Jay Postones –Drums; Amos Williams – Bass and vocals; and of course the ever growing rack of pcb’s, leads and cpu’s known perhaps ominously as HAAL. Since the formation of the live band, the music has evolved into a more visceral and entrancing being. Sung through the voices of each individual, it has a less mechanical vibe as is often the case with music from similar origin, and more of a human quality than you would expect. Like actors performing from a script the already expansive and unique parts are given a character and life that only musicians with passion can add.

The band as it is now formed just under a couple of years ago through meeting at gigs and keeping in touch with each other over the net.

“Yeah we started in the brain of Acle basically and somehow ended up coming together through some unknown means, up on stage confusing people, and hypnotizing them. We all met through chance really, it’s great how things happen! I have a feeling Acle has been tracking us Ben style (from Lost) since we were born and has been secretly orchestrating our lives to come to this point. It feels utterly random”.

In its early formative stages yet already receiving international acclaim, the band is blown away by the response to their music.

“It’s just amazing to be contacted by people from all over the world. People say such great things about us, and we are like: ‘but it’s just us, doing what we are doing, just music’. It really moves you sometimes to think that some people out there think of us as we think of our influences. Gives you hope that you are doing the right thing. I mean yeah we all get tingles and our hair stands on end when we playing, but to see other people get so excited about listening to it is awesome.”

When pressed about the complexity of the music the band is very amused by the fans thoughts on it.

“As with most things in life it ain’t all that it seems. When broken down the music is really quite simple, it’s just not what normally happens, not the norm, unusual. The concept, if there is one, is to have music that just has a pulse, a heartbeat; you don’t count your pulse and split it into sections of 4 or 5 do you. Honestly most of the time we haven’t a clue what time signature or key we are in, and to be honest we don’t really care all that much. We aren’t smart enough to deal with that. Knowing those things would only get in the way of the vibe, which is paramount. We just want you to be able to enjoy it, just nod and have fun. Sometimes if you’re too smart you miss the point, if you know what I mean”

“Yeah we feel quite bad when somebody comes up to us and says - ‘that bit in 6/4 man that then goes into (laughs)…5/8 then 9/13 or whatever, and we are all like…’duh, where are the doughnuts?’ and haven’t got a clue as to what bit they talking about - the funny thing is we tend to make songs that sound easy but are real hard to play, and hard sounding stuff that is so easy you just forget about it and rock out live”

Taking influences from bands such as Meshuggah obviously colours their sound but the band are happy to wear these influences clear for everyone to see.

“Fuck yeah, we love the Mesh…people obviously compare us to them, which is cool, it’s an honor really as they are quite amazing and have helped change the face of modern music. Yes I suppose we do sound like them in some ways, but we do try and add a little color to things melodically and vocally. A lot of the stuff we haven’t released yet mixes the two really well, very sharp tight grooves that just create an immense pocket, accompanied by moving melodic lines that change the perspective of the groove when they enter”

Listening to TesseracT you hear a very clear distinct sound that almost seems unreal sometimes. It has a hyper reality to it that you just don’t hear in much other music. It is at times reminiscent of the depth of tone that Pink Floyd created, but also has the clarity that modern recordings exhibit. Technology obviously plays a big part in their production both recorded and live.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Labelsort icon Release date
Concealing Fate EP
Century Media Records October 12, 2010
Perspective EP
Century Media Records May 21, 2012
Nascent Single
Century Media Records February 8, 2011
Nocturne Single
Century Media Records October 12, 2012
One Full-length
Century Media Records March 22, 2011
Altered State Full-length
Century Media Records May 27, 2013
Scala/Odyssey Live
Century Media Records May 18, 2015
Errai EP
Kscope September 16, 2016
Sonder Full-length
Kscope April 20, 2018
Polaris Full-length
Kscope Records September 18, 2015


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this is one of the best bands i know.... amazing amzing work,

If U haven't noticed, The release date for their C.D just jumped from 2010, to 2011. This thing is going to be tied up 4ever !!

2011? ((((((((((((( Long...

ive been following them since about 2006! i think i cant wait a little longer..

According to Dan, they are currently writing new material for the 2nd album, may be planning a US tour with Periphery and after september 2011, they will be back in the US to play for us again!

Talked to their guitarist at their toronto show, looking good for a Periphery/TesseracT show \m/

now if we could just get Vildhjarta to come to North America...

watching these guys since 05, been a fan fer awhile,waiting for this album was murder

When is Jay the Demented Poodle making another appearance??? I miss him.......

As far as I know, to date, that 'Ambient Sax Solo' ft. Lisa Parish has not been on a physical release. How's about putting that song and/or some more Lisa Parish/Sax music on an upcoming release? Really can not shake the depth of this song! Absolute, Divinity!

Thanks for you time!


Incredible Beautyfull, Concealling Fate, just it's perfect, the groove parts and the atmosphere created with voice and feeling are the best, one of my favourites bands when i'm kinda lonely.

Agreed. ABSOLUTELY. I hope they'll release some sax-djent magic in the near future Laughing out loud

It is crazy that how high the vocalist can sing lol... sounds like a chick...

최고 !!!
아이 러브유 디스 가이즈

You predicted that there was going to be sax in Altered State!!! It became true!!!

The instrumentals are badass but the vocals just ruin it for me .-.

Such a brilliant band. The new album is absolutely fantastic.

Amazing band, Altered State Instrumental is just amazing. The sax could have been generic but it was handled extremely well.
No offense to the vocalist but I greatly prefer the instrumentals. Every song ever has had vocals, why would I want them over the crispiest guitar tone ever made?