Tilburg, Netherlands


  • Stef Broks – Drums
  • Daniël de Jongh – Vocals
  • Bart Hennephof - Guitar
  • Joe Tal - Guitars
  • Remko Tielemans - Bass
  • Uri Dijk – Keys/Synths

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Since their inception in 2001, TEXTURES – Jochem Jacobs, guitarist Bart Hennephof, drummer Stef Broks, bassist Dennis Aarts and synth maestro Richard Rietdijk – decided the only way to capture the full momentum of their collective creativity was to be involved in every aspect of crafting their 2003 debut album ‘Polars’. From production right through to artwork, the bands meticulous endeavors explosively emerged as a melting pot of polyrhythmic attacks combined with soaring melody. A beast was born.

Heralded in the press in their native country Holland as well as overseas, ‘Polars’ was also bestowed an Essent Award for ‘Most Promising Act’ in 2004. Hot on the heels of these accolades TEXTURES took their incendiary live spectacle on the road, racking up a huge array of shows next to inspiring performances at Fury Fest and Lowlands.

The next chapter, the next layer, if you will for TEXTURES was their sophomore album, 2006’s ‘Drawing Circles’. With new vocalist Eric Kalsbeek aboard once again band creativity dictated that the album was entirely self-produced, the result a jaw dropping body of work that saw the sextet still frothing with rabid ambition. Determined to push metal and hardcore to breaking point they experimented with bending and moulding the two genres into unexpected new shapes. Taking many a risk but never any prisoners TEXTURES hunger for diversity resulted in ‘Drawing Circles’, ten tracks which were unrestrained by boundaries, trends or conventions.

Overwhelming praise engulfed the record with multiple cover stories and equally amazing reviews worldwide. Of course TEXTURES, not the types to be complacent hit the road. Tours with The Ocean, Gojira and Arch Enemy ensued keeping audiences across Europe transfixed for 2006 and much of 2007. This road trek culminated in a Europe wide tour with All That Remains and Misery Signals plus nominations in no less than three categories of Holland’s Live XS Awards.

Chapter three in the TEXTURES legacy is about to unfold

Late 2007 saw bassist Remko Tielemans join as the band prepared to enter the studio to record album number three. Once more the self autonomy of TEXTURES came into it’s own at the hands of uber producer and guitarist Jochem Jacobs to create the bands most ambitious project to date, the result is ‘Silhouettes’. Having already burned metal’s blueprint with ‘Polars’ and ‘Drawing Circles’, TEXTURES have taken their already rich and vibrant sound and pushed it to an entirely new level. Defying genre’s ‘Silhouettes’ is the bands most varied, intense, daring and most ambient record to date. This long anticipated masterpiece of diversity and ingenuity will easily elevate TEXTURES to the pillars of modern metal legend, setting a benchmark all others shall toil to surpass. Their time is now….


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Polars Full-length
Listenable Records March 4, 2004
Drawing Circles Full-length
Listenable Records April 17, 2006
Silhouettes Full-length
Listenable Records April 21, 2008
Extracts 2004-2009 Compilation
EMI Music January 4, 2010
Dualism Full-length
Nuclear Blast Records September 23, 2011
Polars (10th Anniversary Edition) Full-length
Listenable Records October 20, 2014
Phenotype Full-length
Nuclear Blast Records February 5, 2016


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This guys voice is amazing.

Anybody can have an opinion, but these guys are super talented and yes, they are playing metal! and I'm sorry, but those other so called "accessible" genres, are NOTHING like TEXTURES!!!

"This is definitely NOT metal, as metal isn't supposed to be so easily accessible"
what in the crikey hell are you talking about?


666 fans! hahaha

best band in the world.....................IMO !!

edit - nevermind.

This album is one of those that just gets better and better with every listen. Textures just have that natural ability! Crazy.

"as metal isn't supposed to be so easily accessible" so is metal meant to sound crap?' dude, you have a completely wrong point about metal music in general, take your hipster complexes away.

All I hear is another group ruined by those trendy "boy band vocals". But hey, good for them. Kids these days like that, and that's the single best way to get girls into metal; "cute vocals"
This is definitely NOT metal, as metal isn't supposed to be so easily accessible but whatever, good job on their part. I'm sure they're making tons of cash off the new "soft" generation...

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me which of Textures songs are instrumentals? I know Burning the Midnight Oil is... but I really wish I could hear the djent instead of the weird "Jonas Brothers meets Emperor" vocals.

Sorry but that is just your opinion.

I've seen the band live with both vocalists, and Daniel is by FAR the better frontman, and his voice is just as amazing, it's simply different from Eric's.

Eric took a huge part of awesomeness with himself when he left the band. Sorry but that is the truth.

perhaps not djent, but still one of my favorites.

The best djent band! Love you Textures!