The Lucid Archetype

Arkansas, United States


  • Matt Bernal - guitars
  • Brian Fulks - Vocals
  • Ryan Thibault - drums

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The Lucid Archetype was birthed in quiet Northern Arkansas in early 2015, the child of founder Matt Bernal, and originally known as Only The Strong. With a concept burning in his mind, Bernal wrote and recorded the bands first release, Origins. The 8-track EP is a concept album following the rise and fall of mankind. Interested in the idea of adding vocals to his work, Bernal began holding 2-phase auditions in which prospects had to successfully write lyrics that captured the feel and idea of a song, and later do a trial recording. After multiple auditions, Bernal joined forces with Brian Fulks. With lyrics in hand to suit the concept, Origins was re-recorded and released for free.

TLA recently recorded their second ep, entitled 2.0, at Darkened Dreams Studios. Some concepts from "Origins" were revisited in "2.0". The duo has since joined forces with Ryan Thibault (ex. Smoke Signals, Ditchdigger) on drums, and are working towards playing live shows.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Origins EP
Self-released November 8, 2015
2.0 EP
Self-released February 14, 2017


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