The Korea

Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • Eugene Potekhin (vocals)
  • Kirill Shtranin (vocals)
  • Alexander Kuznetsov (guitar)
  • Yury Lampochkin (guitar)
  • Anton Akimov (bass)
  • Denis Bukhantsev (drums)


Detailed discography - Add release

Titlesort icon Type Rating Label Release date
Calypso Act I Full-length
unknown April 7, 2017
Chaos Theory Single
Unsigned November 19, 2011
Chariots Of The Gods Full-length
Unsigned January 15, 2012
Chariots Of The Gods (Instrumental Version) Full-length
unknown January 31, 2012
Cosmogonist Full-length
unknown November 18, 2015
On Broken Wings Full-length
Unknown 2006
Pulse Full-length
Unknown October 19, 2007
Sandman EP
unknown April 10, 2010
Saturnus EP
Rogue Records America March 25, 2013


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Woah! I never knew these guys were on here. These guys are GOOD.

Do yourself a favor and get their stuff.

Go to their myspace, too, they have two full-length albums for free download. Don't know their exact release dates, so I haven't added them..

new album is great!

Album Pulse was released at October 19, 2007

Added the date.

This band is fuckin sick

New favorite band! They are amazing...I wish them to be signed by a label and to play at Euroblast!

Love the album.Great djenting Laughing out loud


New album 'Saturnus', when...?

...what u talkn' 'bout db?

Let's go to their facebook page!
I guess it's new album cover! =)

That is so awesome! A new release for 2013. Very....very, cool.


my favorite russian band)fucking amazing!

This is one of my favorite metal bands period! I downloaded "On Broken Wings" through their "Sandman" EP and bought "Chariots of the Gods" on iTunes. I suggest this band to all my metalhead friends. Such great rhythm and vocals! I am VERY anxious to hear "Saturnus"! <3

Love from America! \m/

Wow, so nice to hear it from people all over the world! I have been their fan since 2006, been at almost all of their concerts, and now feeling very proud for them! Thank you for the kind words! THALL

PJ won't letcha down! Btw, any news about the leading vox? And a poll: how do you like russian?)

Possibly my favorite thing to hear out of Russia recently.