Threat Signal

Hamilton, Canada


  • Jon Howard (Vocals)
  • Travis Montgomery (Guitar)
  • Pat Kavanagh (Bass)
  • Matt Perrin (Drums)

Threat Signal is a metalcore band that arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton, Ontario. The band formed when cousins Jon and Rich Howard recruited local shredder Kyle McKnight in late 2003. The trio quickly began writing material and acquired drummer Adam Matthews in early 2004. Former guitar teacher Marco Bressette joined the band on bass in August 2005. George Parfitt was the final member to complete the band replacing Adam Matthews in January 2006.

In April 2004, Threat Signal posted their first demo, “Rational Eyes”, on an international metal chart at After only a few weeks the song raced up the charts to reach number 1, surpassing over 8000 entries. The song currently remains in the number 1 spot. Threat Signal has also received many awards for “Rational Eyes” including best guitars, best drums, best male vocals, best production, song of the week, song of the day, and countless more. With the success of “Rational Eyes”, the band was contacted by various record labels that were extremely interested in their music. This prompted Threat Signal to release three more songs onto “One Last Breath”, “Inane”, and “A New Beginning” showcased even more of the bands talents and musicianship. The songs are still climbing the charts and all remain at 5 out of 5 stars.

In September 2005, Threat Signal flew to Los Angeles to record their debut album with producer Christian Olde Wolbers of the band Fear Factory. Everything was tracked in just under 5 weeks. The album ‘Under Reprisal’ was released in May of 2006 under Nuclear Blast Records.

Threat Signal’s music can be described as low-end, syncopated thrash, with melody intertwined. The band was fed up with groups playing whiny emotional songs about girls, and also with the simplicity of nu-metal. Threat Signal combines the complexity of old school and European thrash music with de-tuned, technical syncopation, as well as melodic singing and musical passages. The bands influences include Soilwork, Fear Factory, Pantera, Meshuggah and Devin Townsend.

The band has begun work on a new album, despite numerous line-up changes in pervious months. The demo for a new song, “Beyond Recognition”, is now playing on the band’s MySpace page. The band are currently recording and playing shows as a four-piece group, despite recording “Under Reprisal” as a five-piece.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Rational Eyes Demo
unsigned April 5, 2004
Under Reprisal Full-length
Nuclear Blast Records May 26, 2006
Vigilance Full-length
Nuclear Blast Records September 11, 2009
Threat Signal Full-length
Nuclear Blast Records October 7, 2011
Disconnect Full-length
Agonia Records November 10, 2017


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They probably let the domain expire, I've removed it Smile

Love these guys. Sidenote, isn't a site for these fellas. It's a Russian construction site of some sort. That may be way off but either way I'm pretty confident it has nothing to do with the band.

I am so pumped for the new album! Laughing out loud

Threat Meat!!!!!!