A Total Wall

Milan, Italy


  • Gabriele Giacosa - Vocals
  • Davide Bertolini - Drums
  • Umberto Chiroli - Guitars
  • Riccardo Maffioli - Bass

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A Total Wall's inception, conceptually, dates back to January 2009 in Anaheim, California, during a trip to the NAMM convention. In March of the same year the band was officially founded in Milan, Italy. It took the original two members a few months to find their style before starting to work on their debut EP, "True Fear", which was completed in October 2010. This work involved the use of 7-string guitars, some polyrhythmic patterns and the introduction of 8-string guitars in a few songs.
At this time, the band was still a duo; it may perhaps be considered a research and exploration phase. In their second EP, "Incide", they switched to the heavier 8-string sound entirely, adding complexity to song structures and relying much more on polyrhythms. This is when the ensemble, now complete with four members, began to perform live in several venues in Northern Italy, culminating in a supporting performance for the French electronic/progressive metal project, The Algorithm.
Right after the release of the third and last EP, "Soundtrack for your Honeymoon", the band consolidated its current lineup and started working on their first full length 8-track album, "Delivery", finally switching to 9-string guitars and expressing a much more mature sound. The record is currently completed and is set to be released in spring 2017.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
True Fear EP
unsigned October 13, 2010
Incide EP
Self-Released September 26, 2011
Soundtrack For Your Honeymoon EP
unsigned April 14, 2014
Delivery Full-length
Self-released May 4, 2017


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