A Total Wall

Milan, Italy


  • Davide Bertolini - Drums
  • Umberto Chiroli - Guitars
  • Riccardo Maffioli - Bass

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A Total Wall was born in March 2009, when guitarist Umberto Chiroli and drummer Davide Bertolini decided to join forces and create a new project that could allow them to express their creativity free from restraints and nationality-dictated stylistic bonds. They spent the following years trying to complete ATW's lineup, eventually recruiting singer Daniele Belotti in early 2012, and bassist Riccardo Maffioli later the same year.
Emerging from a country where cheap pop music rules the scene, Umberto comes from several coverband experiences, with extensive live activity, mainly focused on classic heavy metal with a hint of prog; while Davide’s background consists in a few bands that produced their own original material, prevalently in the rock/alternative field, with rare heavier inklings.
Blending all these characterisics, Umberto and Riccardo throw their progressive and technical influences in the mix, while Davide contributes a loud and articulated approach; the end result is a very heavy and aggressive math/groove metal.
The band has recently parted ways with Daniele, and is looking for a new singer.
Since the introduction of 8-string guitars and of increasingly complex polyrhythmic structures, the sound of the band has become darker and heavier. Most of the songwriting happens in the studio, as a cooperative process between the musicians. The band has released two EPs, "True Fear" and "Incide" and a single (Sentence) all available as free downloads on the recently restyled official band website www.atotalwall.com. You can support the band by going to see them live in northern Italy.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Typesort icon Rating Label Release date
True Fear EP
unsigned October 13, 2010
Incide EP
Self-Released September 26, 2011
Soundtrack For Your Honeymoon EP
unsigned April 14, 2014


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