USA, Baltimore


  • Danny Zawodny
  • Drewsif Stalin
  • John Puglia
  • Ryan Macnamara
  • Tim Bubb

ToTheArk is a four-piece metal outfit from Lutherville, MD. With a style that could be described as djentcore, metalcore, deathcore, etc., their music features melodic riffs, powerful vocals, and energetic breakdowns. The band started in late 2008 when Ryan and John began playing music together periodically. Eventually, of course, the idea of starting a band was formulated; Ryan and John then turned to a few friends to complete the lineup. Danny and Andrew were quick to fill the vacant spots. The initial vision for the band was to have simple, fun music. However, with the addition of Danny and Andrew, the songs have become gradually more diverse and interesting, while maintaining a rhythmic and straightforward feel. Now all members of the band are pulling their weight, producing a constant stream of new, exciting, original material. Check back here, on the Facebook, or the MySpace to hear new songs as they are released, and to keep an eye on show dates as they're posted!


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ToTheArk EP
Self-released June 25, 2011


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Drewsif looks like he photobombed lolz. You guys rock the mangoes though!Laughing out loud:D

Yep, it was inspired by Marble Hornets!

Did these guys get their name from the Youtube video ARG Marble Hornets?