Twelve Foot Ninja

Melbourne, Australia


  • Kin - Vocals
  • Stevic - Guitar
  • Rohan - Guitar
  • Damon - Bass
  • Russ - Drums

Twelve Foot Ninja is an alternative rock/metal band formed in 2008 in Melbourne, Victoria. The band consists of Kin (Vocals), Russ (Drums), Stevic (Guitar) Damon (Bass) and Rohan (Guitar).
In August 2012, the band announced 'PROJECT 12' - a 12 week campaign leading up to the release of their debut album "Silent Machine". With 'PROJECT 12', they're releasing 12 x digital tracks along with 12 x digital comics each week for 12 weeks until their album in released on Nov, 2012. The album's first official single 'Mother Sky' was released on Aug 24, and the video was premiered on Triple J's Home & Hosed blog.
Each song from the debut album comes with a comic, created by Keith Draws (UK), inspired by the lyrics and based on the original fable of Twelve Foot Ninja (co-written by Steve "Stevic" Mackay) The story follows a sole ninja’s mission to restore balance in a world headed toward a self-inflicted apocalypse
Prior to the launch of their debut album campaign, the band had released 2 EPs. The first, New Dawn, resulted in the band earning a Triple J Unearthed Number 1 with the track ‘Dark Passenger’, sold out headline shows, and an appearance at Sydney's Come Together Festival. Their second EP, Smoke Bomb, was released in November 2010. Produced by the band’s guitarist Steve “Stevic” Mackay in his Melbourne home studio, the EP was mixed by respected local producer/engineer Hadyn Buxton (Trial Kennedy, Jonesez, Blueline Medic, Dukes of Windsor, Felix Riebl) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Deftones, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley) at Masterdisk, New York. Guest musicians on the release include Bär McKinnon (Mr.Bungle) on Saxophone and Ollie McGill (Cat Empire) on Keyboards.
Twelve Foot Ninja's music is a unique blend of genres that would seem like it doesn't work, but does and very well at that. Their music genre-hops from big metal and djent riffs into dub, reggae or even funk seamlessly and coherently whilst remaining catchy and firmly rooted in rock/metal. 2012 has seen the announcement of their first full length album, the addition of second guitarist Rohan Hayes, a tour around Australia with Dead Letter Circus and Fair to Midland, plus the debut of their first music video "Mother Sky".


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
New Dawn EP
unknown October 14, 2008
Smoke Bomb EP
unknown October 30, 2010
Silent Machine Full-length
Volkanik November 2, 2012
Outlier Full-length
Volkanik August 26, 2016


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I saw you guys at Carolina Rebellion and was really impressed with the uniqueness of your sound! Everything I heard was on point! Should have thrown my thong at Kin with the quickness Wink

Bungle + Djent grooves = win in my book.

Why "Twelve Foot" Ninja? A secret member in this band?

my new favorite band.

looking forward to this guys on Euroblast 2013!!!

Mad I just now became aware of these dudes instead of a few years ago.. this is good.

very refreshing

Amazing band!

Best album of 2012!

This is definitely one of the most unique and innovative bands I've every heard. Not one song that they have is bad, in fact they are all amazing! Both EP's are phenomenal and I'm 100% sure their new album will be one of the greatest this year!