Tyrant Of Death

Toronto, Canada


  • Alex - Bass/Guitar/Drums/Programming

Solo project by Alex Rise (also in Kunstzone and Psychotic Pulse; frequently colaborating with Candy of Khaozone, President Streetwalker and Kunstzone), occasionally featuring Lucem Fero on vocals.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Tyrant Of Death EP
unsigned May 1, 2010
unsigned June 30, 2010
Connect Full-length
unsigned July 19, 2010
Blood Lust Full-length
Unsigned September 21, 2010
The Forthcoming Full-length
unsigned November 23, 2010
Parasite Full-length
Self-released January 8, 2011
Dark Space Full-length
Unsigned February 15, 2011
Digital Injection Full-length
Independent March 11, 2011
Generation Bliss Full-length
Unsigned May 1, 2011
Macrocosmic Lunacy Full-length
self-released July 27, 2011
Alice's Heroin Wonderland Full-length
unknown October 4, 2011
Re Connect Full-length
self-released March 13, 2012
Cyanide Full-length
Self-released August 5, 2012
Nuclear Nanosecond Full-length
self-released June 10, 2013
Ascendancy Full-length
unknown July 1, 2014
Ion Legacy Full-length
Self-released August 15, 2015


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Got lazy when I forgot my old information for this account (referring to "danieluber1337"). Was looking through these comments and read this one, thinking "what an asshole! he releases more than you do, probably! who is this dick? ... oh".

Yeah, this guy is an amazing artist. Not sure why I felt the need to make that comment!

What?! How can these guys release SO many full-lengths within the time they have!? Shock

Hyper-Kinetic, Highly excited, Synthetic electrical discharge! This is what is being done on, 'Re Connect'! This release is being highly overlooked, this year. A mechanical beast. Intense & high-powered! I like this better than, Mnemics' release this year.

Took me a while to get 'Re Connect'. I got it, when I got 'Cyanide'. 'Re Connect' is top 5 for me this year. It may replace 'Koloss', for me.

Amazing release. Fukkin' relentless!

Definitely not better than Cloudkicker... he's good though. Cloudkicker spends more time on his releases, so only really good material comes out.

Does this guy ever sleep? He releases albums like crazy.

I feel that The Forthcoming was the most outstanding of all his releases. Digital Injection, from the several songs I've heard of it, sounds like it could stand out as well among the others but I feel that he should slow down and really focus on making his next release something unique and complete, otherwise there's a risk of repetitiveness.

Agreed, better than Cloudkicker, Digital Injection is way the best release of yos to date, dude, though I don't like the fresh track "Vox Silentium" that much.

Your Music is my instant favourite, cheers dont change !!

Digital Injection is great!

This man makes a song per minute, it's incredible.

Go Go TOD!!!!!!!!!
You Are the bestt!!!!!!!!!!

I think what he does is cool, but for me it's not nearly as easy to listen to as Cloudkicker's stuff. I have trouble getting through a whole album of it. I haven't checked out his newest effort yet (I will soon), but sometimes it all sounds a bit too samey to me.

This guy is much more talented than Cloudkicker in my opinion, I don't understand why this isn't the most popular solo instrumentalist honestly. His sound stands out compared to the other solo people, (not saying the others are bad though) just that this one is better.