Ultimate Breath

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain


  • Manuel Fdez. de Ginzo Muñoz

Everyone knows that with the advent of social networking, a lot of artists have been in contact with the world to broadcast their art. Today only a computer, a guitar and a social network, you can let you know in less than a month. This has its drawbacks, since that overflow and massive attack of new talent has made ​​us more careful when engaging in any group. However, this does not mean there is no future for these emerging artists, which on the one hand it opens, on the other they were closed. Still, not everything depends on oneself, and this website in addition to providing updates to the current scene is also a platform to support the bands, especially national, and this is the case of recommendation today: Ultimate Breath .Ultimate Breath has been active as such a little over a year, though its creator takes on the music world a few years. Manuel Fernandez is the guitarist and composer of Ultimate Breath , not only that, but also bass, keyboards and drums. The music was composed by him, every effect and every note. Other examples of such groups are Chimp Spanner , Putrid Pile , Absent Distance or Animals As Leaders in the beginning. The group is from Jerez de la Fra. (Cádiz) and just one listen and you get hooked on their subjects, they contain both musical quality and sound.
The songs are perfectly constructed and their riffs are condundentes, without any repeated, as might be expected from a group of djent. Each song is different from the other and are easy to distinguish, sometimes also added a bridge or a clean environment that makes the issues were impressive. Their breakdowns are very far-fetched in both speed and time, so we will not meet the typical breakdown of deathcore. Another feature to highlight in this group, is the style that plays in relation to their origin, since there are few national groups to cultivate this style.
The only drawback is its lack of solos as guitar solos contain only a couple of issues. But it shows in every single technique and level of guitarist leaves no one indifferent.
The group currently has about 6 or 7 instrumentals, but the composition of songs is continuous, so you can always enjoy new features and new themes. Also, soon you can listen to voice issues also included.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Ultimate Breath EP
unknown December 16, 2011
Dynamic Full-length
unknown 2014


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