Austin, Texas, USA


  • Madeliene Agans - Vocals
  • Gordon Green - Guitar
  • William Grover - Guitar
  • Tristan Archer - Bass
  • Cameron Earle - Drums

The History of U[r]

In 2011, Tristan Archer and Gordon Green founded a Post-Hardcore band
called Settlements. That summer Settlements played many a show across
Central Texas with bands such as The Browning, Wretched, Serpents,
Wake The Colossus, Beyond Vessels and much more. William Grover soon joined
Settlements, playing sick leads at most of the shows when he wasn't in
trouble with the law and his psychedelic adventures. Things were
looking good for Settlements, who planned on releasing an EP that year
and were moving towards a more 'djent' tuning and style.

Unfortunately, by 2012, Settlements was no more and had only recorded
1 track. The band broke up after drummer Jeff Powell allegedly drew a
loaded shotgun on an entire parties worth of people. This sort of
negative publicity would be hard to live down for the band. On top of that, Gordon,
Tristan and Will, all wanted to be in a real djent band, one with
class and respect rather than a history of attempted murder. So U[r]
was born.

The name comes from Ur, the first ever, human settlement (an homage to our last band, get it?). U[r] is expected to debut an EP by the end of 2012 as well as a Single for their first piece: “The Precursor Legacy”.

The distinguished cast of U[r] enjoys the finer things in life like video games, eclectic music & instruments, literature, science fiction, denouncing political conspiracy, toking the kindest of bud and researching the prospects of future and technology. You will hear lyrical matter like this in much of our music; but as for inspiration our approach is just making music we want to hear. Think of it as a cathartic emotional release in the form of guitar chugging.


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Titlesort icon Type Rating Label Release date
The Precursor Legacy Single
Self-released April 30, 2012


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