Before Us

Zagreb, Croatia


  • Vedran Brnica - Guitars, music, production, visual identity
  • Karlo Žampera - Guitars & Music
  • Hrvoje Brnica - Drums, lyrics & Music
  • Ines Monika Tancheva - Vocal

After Artful Vanity(1999-2003) and Maniphest Orchestra (2008-2010) I decided to create a new progressive djent metal band with live shows and new sound ! For now material is finished and this is parts of few songs without vocals. Please visit our myspace, soundcloud or youtube !


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TBA Full-length
unknown January 2012


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  • CelaviBezRuku
  • andreas_adelek
  • Clarity

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The samples on myspace sound cool. Can't wait to hear the songs Smile

nice stuff. keep it up guys
(pozdrav iz zelenog zagorja Wink)


Sounds great; can't wait to hear the demo!