Norway, Oslo


  • Konrad Sandvik
  • Christopher Glommen
  • André Sørensen
  • Steffen Johansen
  • Elias Pellicer

Vanora is currently working tirelessly on writing their debut album. It will most likely consist of ten new songs that as of March 2016 are in the final stages of preproduction. Recording will start in August.
Vanora is a fairly new act that has had a high progression since its inception in December of 2013. After less than a year of song writing, gear investments and recording, Vanora released their self-produced debut EP “ORIGIN” worldwide on November 21st 2014. Shortly thereafter, in June 2015, Vanora embarked on their first promotional tour, consisting of ten concerts in various eastern European countries.
Vanora is broad-sounding, atmospheric metal with the low tuned characteristics of eight-string guitars. The combination of heavy grooves and ambient synthesizer soundscapes adds diversity to their sound, which can be heard on the “ORIGIN” EP. Therefore, in spite of its aggressiveness, it has a melodic aspect that makes it catchy and accessible for a broader audience. The music they have written for their debut album is of a more progressive nature than the previous EP, with more complex song structures, more extensive use of synthesizers and the use of session musicians for live recorded string and choir arrangements on several songs. They have also replaced their vocalist since the EP.
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Origin EP
Independent November 21, 2014


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