Flint, Michigan, USA


  • Bryan Wayne
  • Travis Robinson
  • Jerry Heit
  • Jordan Jarvis
  • Andre Mamola

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From January, 2013 VARIABLES blasted their way onto the mid Michigan metal scene and made their way to becoming a well known Michigan metal band. Since then they have played with national acts such as: Phinehas, My Heart to Fear, The Bunny The Bear, The Paramedic, Evelynn, It Lies Within, It Lives It Breathes, Mushroomhead, hed PE, Taproot, Bobaflex, and Blood Of The Martyrs. When you see VARIABLES live you cant help but to get into the music.With groovy riffs that make you want to dance,to disgusting breakdowns that make you want to look your best friend in the eye and punch him in the face, to guitar leads that make your jaw drop in amazement. You cant help but to sing along with the clean vocals. The highs and lows harmonized and alternated complete the band. This five piece band of brothers is out to change and create a new scene with a positive message about the struggles of life and how we overcome and how we are never alone, sets them apart from the normal scene. The live experience is like none other they are the first band to load in and the last band to leave. They want to reach everyone at their shows and share the shred with everyone!


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Self-released June 16, 2014


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  • Slaviccore
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