• Vazimba

Although the mysterious Vazimba tribe has long vanished from the Malagasy soil it originally inhabited, the futuristic music of Vazimba does nothing but looking ahead. By combining elements of jazz fusion, latin jazz, progressive metal and electronic music, Vazimba strives to take you on a musical voyage, on which a diversity of musical landscapes is addressed. Through the use of polyrhythmic grooves and atmospheric sounds the music intends to catch the listener and pull one’s imagination.

Latin percussion and tribal instruments are opposed by the alienating effect of fusion chords and melodies. The result is a musical journey in which sinister moments are sharply contrasted by outburts of euphoria. By fusing this wide variety of styles Vazimba aims at pushing the boundaries of progressive instrumental music.

Electronic fusion metal or progressive latin space jazz? Just as for the cause of the Vazimba people’s mysterious disappearance, the shape you choose to coin Vazimba's music is a question for you to ponder.


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Vazimba Full-length
unsigned October 18, 2011


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