Veil Of Maya

Chicago, Illinois, USA


  • Lukas Magyar - Vocals
  • Mark Okubo - Guitar
  • Danny Hauser - Bass
  • Sam Applebaum - Drums

Veil of Maya is an American Progressive and Death Metal band out of Illinois, named after the metaphor of the veil of maya from the mythology of the indian goddess Maya.

Comprising Brandon Butler (vocals), Mark Okubo (guitar), Matthew Pantelis (bass) and Sam Applebaum (drums), they are currently signed to Sumerian records and have released three albums thus far: All Things Set Aside (2006), The Common Man's Collapse (2008), [id] (2010) and their most recent release Eclipse (2012).


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
All Things Set Aside Full-length
Self-released November 6, 2006
The Common Man's Collapse Full-length
Sumerian Records April 1, 2008
[id] Full-length
Sumerian Records April 6, 2010
Eclipse Full-length
Sumerian Records February 28, 2012
Matriarch Full-length
Sumerian Records May 12, 2015


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Loved these guys for a while. Hoping the next release has more 'old school' VoM, but I'm not completely opposed to the new style.

These guys are FUCKING AWESOME. They have defined the djent genre, alongside Born of Osiris, Periphery, After the Burial, Circle of Contempts, and Volumes. If it weren't for these guys, there really wouldn't have been lots of djent to go around.

Today I discovered my LOVE for this band.

Not sure why matriarch only got three stars. I think this is an incredible album.

ur my best djent band, heavy and intense music with nice atmospherics and screaming.
best song subject zero

Does anyone know where i could get a instrumental version of 'Mowgli' off of VoM - ID? I have searched all over, no results. Anyone had luck separating vocal track from a song and turning it down?

New found respect for this band after the crispy performance they put on last night. Brandon Butler was spectacular- easily one of the best metal vocal performances I've seen for quite some time. Oh, and it didn't hurt that Vildhjarta just happened to be one of the openers Laughing out loud KInda put me in a GREAT mood.........

*The Veils of Maya by George William Russell

1000th fan #turnup

why aren't these guys gonna be at summer slaughter this year???

best metal band EVER!!!!! when i first listened to eclipse, i listened to it over and over, i could not get enough. "punisher", and "winter is coming soon" are the 2 best songs on the album.

Next Tuesday I am seeing these guys! SO stoked! Shock

My favourite band at the moment! Love that playing their songs on guitar is actually more of a physical workout than just jamming along haha!

i hate these guys. all they have is just bowduh buh buh buh bowduh we de doo de dee do da. x). but seriously these guys are awesome

Genius band!

Veil of Maya is a poem by George William Russell. Both Cynic and Veil of Maya draws inspiration from him. Btw, nice band recommendation system!!!!`

I think I read that they aren't. the 'veil of maya' is a concept from hinduism or buddhism or something.

Is it confirmed that they're named after the Cynic song 'cos I read somewhere that Cynic and Veil of Maya were both inspired by the same book and that's where the name came from.

One of the first bands that comes to mind when I think of modern metal. Veil's music will remain with me forever, of that much I am certain. Also, Chi-town metal. Representing my birthplace fuckin hard. So much love.