Lima, Peru


  • David Ayala - Vocal
  • Joe Isa - Guitar
  • Jean Carlo Mejía - Guitar
  • Alonso Prado - Drums
  • Pedro Alvarado - Bass

In 2010 Jean and Joe decided to get 8 stringers and embark in the search of new musical horizons, so they dissolved the current project they had, Aukka, to reform under a new name. Jeff was carried over from the previous band on the drum kit and Franco, who had previously collaborated on bass duties was called in for the new lineup. After several months of looking for the right vocalist, Victor joined in and so lyrics would finally be added to the music. It was at this point that the band would release a handful of tracks on the web that can be considered as a first demo. Midway through the following year composition and development of old and new tracks was somewhat hindered by members' personal lives, ending with Jeff stepping down on his duties and being replaced by Alonso.

This year Vertebrac regroups with a new drummer and releases a five track demo in preparation for the path that lies ahead. The local scene is hungry to see something new and the djent phenomenon is just springing up this corner of the world. There is much work to be done but also some promising hints for what is to come around the corner for this outfit.

In june 2014, Víctor is going to be replaced for David Ayala, because of his personal problems. With David, we are recording the new album.

Franco Bahamonde (Bass) left the band.

The bassist Pedro Alvarado joined the band.

Vertebrac joined Naylamp Records.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Terabyte Demo
self-released October 14, 2011
Fractalien Demo
self-released January 28, 2014
Nefelibata Full-length
Naylamp Records April 15, 2015


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