Moscow, Russia


  • Artemy Rudensky - Bass
  • Greg Solo - Guitar
  • Vladimir Nekhayev - Drums

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VI-X ((English). VX, V-gas) - poison of nervously-paralytic action, the most famous of the agents of the V-series in the ranks of toxic substances. The use of this term occurs connection between the destructive force and features of this substance and music transmitting part of this energy.

The band was created in 2009. At the moment VI-X are four insane guys playing experimental metal without any stylistic framework. Plenty of fast and progressive riffs, mid-tempo breakdowns, weird rhythms and electronics - this is a visiting card of this band.


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Inane Full-length
unknown August 24, 2012
Inane (instrumental version) Full-length
unknown October 1, 2012


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The album is amazing..I remember hearing one of their songs a couple years ago wondering when the f*ck it was gonna come out..and its free to hellz yea!