Vice or Virtue

Central Virginia, USA


  • Mr. Person - vocals
  • Corey Williams - guitar
  • Dan Gibbes - drums
  • John Miklosovic - bass
  • David Yerly - guitar

Vice Or Virtue was formed in July 2010 by Corey Williams & Tremayne Person as 'The Cognition Concept'. Vice or Virtue is aimed to be that band that satisfies the taste of every musician and strikes the heart of every listener. We aren't a band about any violent nature, any fighting, any hate towards one person group. We are here to promote to our fans and help them see the 'big picture.' Help them see that our society, our planet, our morals are going to continue to get worse unless we work together to achieve whats right for human existence. With that being said expect a new EP and a line up of shows soon.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Reclamation Demo
Unsigned 2012
Enlightenment EP
unknown April 9, 2013


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