Harlow, Essex, UK


  • Tim Richards - Guitars
  • Jarod Penny - Guitars
  • James Teale - Vocals
  • Steven Swift - Bass
  • Lee Frawley - Drums

"Vidina kicked off their gigging career in January 2010, playing to packed out crowds. They now have a reputation for being one of the best new metal bands in the UK with a live show with enough energy that won’t convince you otherwise."

"Harlow-based progressive metal quintet Vidina. Their set was a musically intricate blend of Sikth-like fretboard wizardry, djenty grooves and more reflective and melodic clean guitar interludes, all strung together with a vocal approach that combined guttural, rumbling roars and full-throated screaming. The band handled the diverse shifts in feel within their compositions with aplomb, playing demanding riffage with practiced ease. The highlight of the set was ‘Memories’, blending punishingly heavy chugging riffage, flurries of rapid-fire tremolo picking and more expansive passages to particularly arresting effect... from a set that melded technical riffage, lead-heavy grooves and expansive atmospheric passages with confidence and skill."
Philip Whitehouse - ONEMETAL.COM


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Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Memories Single
Unsigned October 12, 2009
The Appropriation Full-length
Unknown August 30, 2012


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james teale has move to vocals, ben monck is new drummer
Self titled debut EP is out feb 2011