Hudiksvall, Sweden


  • Daniel Ädel (Vocals)
  • Vilhelm Bladin (Vocals)
  • Daniel Bergström (Guitar)
  • Calle Thomer (Guitar)
  • Johan Nyberg (Bass)
  • Buster Odeholm (Drums)

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Vildhjarta was formed by Daniel Bergström, Jimmie Åkerström and Johan Nyberg in 2005 in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Hyped since their early days thanks to short demos that circulated the web, they have taken more than half a decade to musically craft their unique style of music. With the three spread throughout Sweden, Bergström, the main songwriter of the bunch, would email ideas to the other guys to get their feedback and suggestions. A groovy, down-tuned riff would soon become a verse. After a few more rounds of emailing, that verse would become a song. As more and more songs started to develop, the natural progression was to add more members and become a band. More members brought more input and ideas and soon their own take on metal was created.

As the songs developed and appeared online, so did a rabid fan base. They spread links to the band's songs, promoted them on message boards and rallied behind the war cry of THALL, a word that has almost become synonymous with the band's name. They demanded to see the band perform, so the band got together and appeared on a few festivals and shows throughout Europe, most notably, the 2010 edition of Euroblast.

Shortly after that performance, the band felt confident enough in their music to begin work on a full length record. The question of whether to work with a label versus self releasing the album came up. Being fully capable of recording an album on their own, one would wonder why they chose to go with the former. The answer, as the band simply states:
“Our main reason to work with a label was to get a deadline to actually get a full album together, since it’s something we had wanted to do but broke every internal deadline we set for ourselves. A label, we thought, would stay on us to make it happen.”

The band spoke to many record companies but had a long standing email relationship with metal giant Century Media Records and in the spring of 2011, signed a worldwide contract with the label. The band then went into the studio, recorded and mixed 16 tracks entirely on their own and after a quick mastering job by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend) måsstaden, their eagerly awaited debut album was born.

Set for a November 29th release date, måsstaden will see the creation of two things: One, perhaps the best debut records of this or any year. It's an album of epic proportion from one extreme (brutal, insane riffs) to another (mellow, trippy passages). Two, måsstaden is not just an album, it's a city. The record is a concept record, told of a hidden and isolated town narrated in a classic fable manner.

Take a trip to måsstaden. See what you think, stay as long as you like...


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Omnislash EP
Self-released July 6, 2009
Måsstaden Full-length
Century Media Records November 28, 2011
Thousands of Evils EP
Century Media Records September 30, 2013


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That style of metal is dead. I'm talking about black and death metal, DIO and Ozzy are old-school metal, they actually sing and they don't even have harsh vocals like these guys do now. Besides the cleans these days are way too girly and they sound like girls THAT is why doesn't belong in metal.

Besides you're comparing ten/twenty year old metal bands to modern ones, it has changed way too much for them to be compared. These days of digital releases there is no excuse for not having both regular and instrumental versions.

They can now keep their "soaring" emo vocals for the female listeners, and instrumental versions for those that just want to hear the music and instruments (labels can actually make some money that way instead of bitching over sharing art)

Lol last I checked Ozzy sang clean as did DIO. maybe Iron Maiden or Judas Priest will light up a light bulb in your head? so the fact that you say the point of metal was to not have cleans is funny. Metal is about the music has nothing to do with the vocals.

Their band name is kewl.

thaalll -g-g-g-g-

Hey if the album art has already been released, why not make it available for pre-order? I got sick of waiting so I just bought the new Shining EP instead. I think I saw that they got a new vocalist so I guess that's one of the reasons it's taking so long, but it doesn't matter because if it comes out next year that means I can get it with the new Triptykon and maybe even the new yelworC; and that will be absolutely badass...

What do you mean? Theres metal and then theres instrumental metal. Vildhjarta's the only band that should actually keep their vocals. They almost sound like Ihsahn and Åkerfeldt from the song 'Unhealer'. But I prefer Clayface anyway, more variety.

This is the ONLY true metal band on here besides Meshuggah. Clean vocals and Emo/Scremo/-core have decimated the metal genre. It's just over done; the whole point of metal in the first place was to not have cleans and play low. I think it is pretty disturbing that the best and heaviest bands tend to be Satanic.
Although that triangle thing on Måsstaden's lyric book looks a little suspisious...

Tour Australia!

There's an old school instrumental version from a while back. Don't know about the new one. If you're talking about the cleans, that's Vilhelm.



Okay, so can someone answer this question? The song Traces, am I high or is there an instrumental and lyric version? Also, whose immaculate voice is this between 4:50 - 5:02 (Reference: and why have they not made an entire song/album with this pure beauty?!

Meshuggah is djent. its just since they're in the early stages of djent (being th trail blazers they are) they sound different than bands that have further developed the style. one of those innovation vs progression debates

This dudes, are the most progressive band i've ever heard in a long time, with an ambient, and the metal parts, it's a full combination of what i really love. Can't wait to hear their new material damn.


Fredrik Thordendal invented the term and popularized the style/tone, I`m pretty sure they`re djent.

Seriously? They sound nothing like Meshuggah. The only connection between them is the word Djent, and I wouldn't really say Meshuggah are classed as Djent anyway.

You say that like you haven't seen bands with more than four or five people before... There have been tons of highly successful bands with a large amount of members. Nonetheless, I'm sure Vildhjarta plays music simply because they want to. Money shouldn't be a concern for them right now, and probably never will be.

Dude, they don't earn anything from doing this, what they earn goes into the production of new CDs and merchandise. No band in this scene, to my knowledge, are a full-time unit with that as their only source of income, save maybe Meshuggah (but I don't count Meshuggah as djent really anyway).

I hope you were joking ಠ_ರೃ

This band wont last with that many band members. Too many people to pay!

If only all Songs would be like "Benblåst" ... ^_^

I love you guys, i must say it, you're the most perfect djent band i've ever heard, honestly, perfect *_*
Omnislash and Masstaden are masterpieces i really enjoy your music!
Big support from colombia!

For the Masstaden album, guitar gear was, Ibanez 7-strings with Lundgrens pickups. Supposedly, now, their going forward with custom Invictus guitars with Lundgrens.Per, Bergstrom.Ala, Ask Vildhjarta A Question Forum.

i want thall wallpaper!!!! )

this album def caught my attention
even from when i first heard of them in like 07 on myspace w/o voc
im curious of gear used for the guitars
anyone know?

masstaden took about 5 listens to 'click',
I now love it.

which is awesome!!!


Här...... HÄR har vi grejer.

The new CD is great! and they even re-recorded and mixed a few of the old songs Wink

Sooooo excited for the new album. Love the band. the only Swedish band im really into! Shiver is a masterpiece. I wish it had made it onto the album..


We need more instrumeeeeeennnntttaaaallllsssss!!! Laughing out loud

I honestly couldn't agree more. Ive never really owned an album, i don't buy them usually. This is the only album that i will buy, and I am going to frame it years from today, for my children to see.

With this new release..I must agree with the fact of Buying & owning the hard-copy Version, will make Such a difference to a lot of true Djent lovers.Only the realest of the real understand that Vildhjarta is not your typical band. They give something that is so unique,It speaks in volumes. Owning the CD, sleeve, and case are important to me.You hold it in your truly understand.

Now that you say that, it looks almost exactly like English....

Another Meshuggah.

In this interview they gave recently they also reply to this 'name' question: Smile

Anyone knows why their name is vildhjarta? Is there anything more to it than just "wild heart". And why no dots over the "a" in hjärta?


Dont Fail Me Now (Lady Luck) = best song.

in the world.

are they going to hard copy omnislash..cuz i want it

this is a band who's album i will definitely own a physical copy of

I will buy your album with real money!! GIMMEE ALBUM NAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!


status update?

New stuff guys, please Sad

It hasn't been released yet.