Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Kim Jarlhelt (vocals)
  • Alex Munck (guitar)
  • Victor Salomonsen (guitar)
  • Brian Larsen (drums)

Sereval essential dimensions explain the depths of Vira; their expression is dark, chaotic, yet beautiful and complex, while their sound is both destructive and solid.

With the release of their debut EP "Recurrence" the band got quite a lot of publicity. They won the award as "Demo of the month" in the Denmark's biggest music magazine GAFFA, which gave them their first danish tour. The band also played at the 2008 Roskilde Festival. It resulted in some great support gigs with established bands as Mnemic, The Arcane Order, The Psyke Project, Nine (Drunk and Textures (NL).

In March 2009 Vira released their second EP "Re-Design". This EP reeks of talent, and a musical understanding rarely seen in such a young band.

Vira is metal in a new and refreshing way, and will surely be interesting to the trained listeners. Take a deep dive into these songs, reflect on the impression it gives you, and the mood it puts you in. Vira is simply music for deep minds with a taste for brutality, melody and chaos.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Recurrence EP
unsigned February 1, 2008
Re-design EP
unsigned March 16, 2009
Collected work since 2008 Compilation
None November 11, 2010
Vira Full-length
unsigned November 23, 2011


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This band are amazing. Been a fan since the first EP. They just get better and better.

They deserve to be signed, big time.