Toronto, Canada


  • Jeremy Jackson - Guitars, Vocals
  • Alex Condotta - Drums
  • Alex Athaas - Guitars, Vocals
  • Reinier Viktor Vandenbosch - Vocals

In Czech and Slovak folklore, when a child or an infant drowns in a lake or a pond, their spirit turns into a Vodník. Often strangely dressed, sometimes even resembling a vagrant; Vodníci usually wear patchy garbs and odd hats. They can withstand lingering for hours beside ponds or lakes. A Rusalka is a female version of a Vodnik. According to most traditions, the Rusalki are water-nymphs who live at the bottom of rivers. In the middle of the night, they may walk out to the bank and dance in meadows. If they see handsome men, they will fascinate them with songs and dancing, mesmerize them, then perhaps lead the men away into the water.
Anyway, Czech and Slovak tales have both evil and good Vodníci (relative to human beings) who do (or don't) try to drown people when they happen to swim in their territory. Whoever drowns, Vodník would store their souls in porcelain lid-covered cups. They consider their cups as the most valuable heritage and display their "work" and number these cups they see as proportional to their wealth and/or status among other Vodníci. When the lid of a cup is removed, the soul within (in a form of a bubble) will escape and be liberated. Other than fish (or perhaps fish spirits), they do not have servants.
Sometimes, Vodníci spend their time by running their territory or – in their spare time – playing music, smoking pipes or just sitting at the water surface (on rocks or willows nearby) and loitering. Fishermen ask Vodník for help by placing a pinch of cannabis in the water and saying, "Here's your cannabis, Lord Vodník, now give me a fish."


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Vodnik EP
Self-released November 12, 2010
The 46 EP EP
Self-released December 1, 2011


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Vodnik is amazing!! well written and awesome execution.... sick Deathcore from 'Sauga (Ontario)!!