Los Angeles, USA


  • Myke Terry - Vocals
  • Gus Farias - Vocals
  • Diego Farias - Guitar
  • Nick Ursich - Drums
  • Raad Soudani - Bass

Rhythmic, Groove, Technical, Brutal, Captivating, Face Melting are all adjectives that do not even come close to touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the sound, image and movement exploding right now out of Southern California. The source of this decibel shattering, mind-numbing, captivating phenomenon? Los Angeles metal outfit, VOLUMES.

VOLUMES are a collection of five young musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz, classical, post-rock to rap and of course metal. VOLUMES eclectic tastes blend together to forge a creative bond between several types of genres that are worlds apart. The combination of their efforts results in fusions between intricate patterns, melodies, and progressive.. yet-not-to-be-overlooked-aggressive, straight to the point, metal. This particular blend of musical styles strives to find a balance between chaos and tranquility. Standing out in their genre is the fact that VOLUMES have two lead-vocalists who utilize their different ranges to create a layered, charismatic volatile sound which leave all listeners begging for more.

Having just signed on with MEDIASKARE RECORDS & OUTERLOOP MANAGEMENT, VOLUMES quickly released their unforgettable fan favorite EP titled: ‘The Concept Of Dreaming’. Wasting no time, VOLUMES immediately begin work on their currently entitled debut full length "VIA" that hit #1 on iTunes Metal the first day. With their whole career starting to unfold, and the world ahead of them VOLUMES are not a band you want to overlook.. be forewarned.

Their goal?

To contribute a fresh sound to heavy music.

All songs were written, recorded, mixed, and produced by the band itself.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
The Concept of Dreaming EP
Mediaskare records November 16, 2010
Via Full-length
Mediaskare Records September 27, 2011
No Sleep Full-length
Mediaskare Records July 15, 2014
Via (Re-release) Full-length
91367 Records June 29, 2016
No Sleep (Re-release) Full-length
91367 Records June 29, 2016
Different Animals Full-length
Fearless Records June 9, 2017


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Don't know if you guys have heard, but Joe Buras from Born of Osiris is going to be helping out with vocals on their US Tour and i thought that would be so epic to see. Love these guys and i have to say, this band never fails to impress me! Can't wait for their new album to drop this fall!

Former vocalist Michael Barr released a new track which is can be downloaded for free. - http://www.blackbirdent.com

Stream the track below:

Daniel Schwartz does the vocals on both tracks, dude.

Where is Casey Sabol's credits on Across The Bed?

VIA still makes my cry, every now and then...

Heard these guys for the first time last night. Instantly liked em. Powerful stuff

Wow, 'Challenger' is some seriously catchy stuff. Really digging it, thanks for the heads up Smile

Daniel Braunstein seems Producer/Engineer for Volumes.

Daniel Schwartz has started his new band 'Challenger' recently, and released their debut EP 'Coming Of Age'.

can someone please explain to me why and how they turned from 7 to 5 members? The second guitarist (why?) is obvious, but what about the other dude?

Also: Who sings the clean parts and why havent they played them live so far (edge of the earth & the columbian fraction)?

So many questions and so less answers in the WWW ;(

I usually don't look at bands of the 'core variety but Volumes appears to be an exception. Can't deny the musicality of "Via" and the fact that it's a pretty fun record to listen to.

Listening to these guys when they first started playing shows was a really huge excitement! Now listening to them progress into such amazing grooves is so mind blowing! i am officially obsessed with Via. Its by far there best album with the emotional movement. Edge of the Earth in my opinion is by far the best song off of the whole album and when they redid Intake and Wormholes, im tied between the first and second version because they both are sooooo amazing!!

When I first heard Through the Trees my mind was blown, so I listened to the whole Concept of Dreaming and again, my mind was blown. Now I just finished listening to VIA, and again, my mind is blown. Thank you guys!!

Such an amazing Band! I really Love the clean Vocals and the heavy Djent Sound and of course the Shouts!

Usually not a fan of the more "hardcore" sound, but Volumes does it right. Saw them live on tour with Oceano just this past Friday. Very impressed, Via is one hell of an album, that much is for sure.

i fucking love the new album, even more than the first.

These guys sound like a really djenty Despised Icon mixed with Shai Hulud. Which means they RULE.

And I love the ambient Explosions In The Sky parts.

Im just in love with this band. The music seems to speak to you. Great band!

i really want the columbian faction to come out NOWW the song clip is awesome, but i need moree, MUCH moree Smile

You can feel the pure emotion in the music and it just attacks you with inspiration. It is a good feeling to know that creativity is still breathing and Volumes reminded me why I'm proud to be a musician.