When Knives Go Skyward

St. Louis, MO, US


  • Chad Kapper - vocals
  • Josh Travis - guitars
  • Brian Sankus - bass
  • Brad Sexton - drums

When Knives Go Skyward, an infamous band for those in the know. They existed fairly briefly, for a period of a couple of years in St. Louise. They released a promising demo and then started recording and album, "A Thousand Miles Of Rope". Tracks surfaced on Myspace and the like in various states of production, and then...... nothing happened. The album never saw the light of day. A leak of the album has been doing the rounds for years, but there are tracks that remain unheard/unreleased to this day.

The vocalist and bassist (Chad Kapper and Brian Sankus) have a new band called A Dark Orbit and the guitar player (Josh Travis) is currently in The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Brad Sexton is currently in Crush It To Death.

Ok, but enough about that. What does it sound like? When Knives Go Skyward play a scathing brand of math/metalcore reminiscent of Will Haven, Burnt By The Sun, Meshuggah, and among others.

ATMOR will be released someday in its entirety, and a new album is being written titled "The End Of The Rope".

WKGS was discovered and managed by Robert Meadows (vocalist for A Life Once Lost).

WKGS cool trivia: Officially changed their name to DEIGN for about a week due to labels not liking it. That didn't last long. Their manager actually wanted the name changed to non-other than IRON GAG (which became the title of ALOL's 4th release after it was not used). WKGS was looked at by numerous labels including Ferret, Roadrunner, Metal Blade, Iron Clad, Trustkill, Victory, Relapse, Century Media, Sumerian, Basick, etc...but never signed due to undisclosed reasons.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
When Knives Go Skyward Demo
Unsigned February 1, 2005
Basick demo Demo
Unsigned October 10, 2005
A Thousand Miles Of Rope Full-length
Unsigned January 1, 2007
Secret EP
Unsigned March 1, 2008
The End Of The Rope Full-length
Unsigned 2012


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