Wings Denied

Washington DC, USA


  • Zach Dresher - Guitars
  • Jackson Smith- Guitars
  • Rob Moore- Bass Guitar
  • Luka Kerecin - Vocals
  • Alec Kossoff - Drums

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Zach Dresher has played in bands since the day he picked up a guitar, so it only seemed natural that when he moved to Washington DC to attend college and found out that his roommate Paul Mattioli played as well and was also an accomplished producer, some sort of musical venture would be started. Originally known as Aeviternity, the two quickly found drummer Alec Kossoff and vocalist Luka Kerecin to complete the lineup, and started playing shows around the DC area. After realizing that nobody (including the band members themselves) could really pronounce Aeviternity, the name was changed to Wings Denied, the band released a 3-track EP called Awake, and went on their first tour. Over the next year, a few lineup changes occurred, and in March, they released a split EP with longtime friends As Oceans. This July, they're touring the United States!


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Awake EP
Self-released May 30, 2012
Split with As Oceans Split
Self-Released March 3, 2013
Mirrors For A Prince Full-length
unknown May 13, 2014
Voyager EP
unknown May 13, 2016


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