Wolcott Falls

Syracuse/Wolcott, NY, US


  • Anthony Columbus
  • J Bush

Often described as "Mathcore, Mathmetal, or Experimental" this music project contains usage of odd rhythmic patterns and dissonant tones. Influences of hardcore/grindcore and industrial are also present.

"We do not expect to be popular writing and playing this kinda music. This is an outlet of personal issues, negative emotion and experimental audio expression anywhere from cold mechcanical rhythms to organic hyper rage. It's not nice sounding at all."

End of 2012, their debut LP "Pessimist" was released.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Pessimist Full-length
December 12, 2012
Life Is A Death Sentence EP
unknown May 9, 2013
Dimensionless / Wolcott Falls Split Split
unknown May 28, 2014
Our Nuclear Option EP
Self-released July 19, 2014


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