Basingstoke, United Kingdom


  • Richard Thomson - Vocals
  • Michael Pitman - Drums
  • Christopher Clark - Bass
  • Conor McGouran - Guitars

Xerath represent the cutting edge of British heavy metal. Combining monumental orchestral arrangements with bone shattering riffs on an epic scale, this outfit delivers the most forward thinking brand of progressive metal music.

Since 2007 Xerath have evolved from experiments combining orchestral compositions and extreme metal to a fully-fledged recording and touring line up with their first album “Xerath I” receiving critical acclaim across the board. Xerath ‘I’ was unanimously received by European press as a technical revolution in experimental heavy metal.

Playing alongside such esteemed artists as Vader, Ihsahn, Abigail Williams, Shining, Entombed, Sylosis, and a wealth of the UK and Europe’s biggest festival Xerath promise a truly unique live experience with consummate musicianship and neck breaking intensity.

2011 will bring a hugely refined appraisal of Xerath’s unique sound with the release of Xerath’s second album “II” – Recorded at Foel studios in the UK (Napalm Death, Porcupine Tree) with mixing credits going to Danish production savant Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Tyr, Pestilence) at Hansen studios.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
I Full-length
Candlelight Records May 25, 2009
Unite To Defy Single
Candlelight Records March 28, 2011
II Full-length
Candlelight Records April 25, 2011
III Full-length
Candlelight Records September 16, 2014


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This band is amazing, III is a masterpiece... but it's not Djent. The only thing it has in common with other Djent bands is the polyrythms... and an awesome bassist.

Unreal band. Theyre so underrated! The ambience of this band is phenomenal

Michael Pitman is my hero...you guys were amazin' in springspree!!

Love your sound and style! It truly stands out and is a memorable listening experience! The album cover is freakin EPIC awesome BTW.

I'm actually so glad I only started listining to your music about four months ago,
because if I had started any earlier then that, there would be no way in hell I could wait for xerath II.
In it's entirety it's one of the best albums I have heard start to finish, with such power from the vocals/lyrics,
a nice raw and chunky bass tone (especially in concequences), unreal guitaring and epic drumming.

Keep fucking shit up and the great work comming and I'll see you and xerath II in 2011
-Keep it metal