Xi Element

Lviv, Ukraine


  • Nicholas Migal

Ukrainian located mathmetal/djent project formed by Nicholas Migal (Serenity Existence, ex-Firehead(ua)) as one-man band in 2011/11 In January 2012 new people inspired by djent join project, so now Xi ELEMENT is complete band.
Debut demo track '11-11-11' was released 2011/11/11.
Second demo, named 'Wedding of the Summer and Winter' was released 2011/12/28. This track is combination of melodic and groove-metal styles with djent guitar sound.
Now you can listen and download 2 tracks for free from band's soundcloud page.
We hope you'll follow and support us


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thanx! Similar track will be ready soon.

your new track 'Wedding of the Summer and Winter' is a realy cool, dude.