Soulhenge - Fragments [Full-length]
July 26, 2014 - None


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Overdown: 'Ethereal' album preview clips


Overdown have announced that their debut album 'Ethereal' will be available in digital stores on January 4th. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Metal Factory Studios in Madrid, Spain. One minute preview clips of all the tracks on the album are available on their SoundCloud page, listen below.

Listen to the preview clips on SoundCloud.

Honeybjorn: debut album released, available for free download


Honeybjorn have released a debut album, titled 'I', which is available for free download from Mediafire. A track off the album 'You're Perfect As You Are' was posted earlier.

Download the album from Mediafire.

Massive Audio Nerve: new lineup announced, working on new album


Massive Audio Nerve have announced that guitarist Mark Black and drummer Adde Larsson have joined the band. They will replace Nils Olsson and Andreas Engberg, respectively. A previous lineup change was announced earlier this year. The band will enter the studio to record their fourth album 'Cancer Vulgaris' in February 2012. Ten of the twelve song titles are listed here.

Formerly known as 'M.A.N,' Massive Audio Nerve announced the name change via their Twitter page in November.

Read the announcement on

Skylines: new album preview


George Hayduk of Skylines has released a preview of his upcoming album, which is available for streaming and for free download from his Bandcamp page. Listen below. A new track, titled 'Chapter 1: Desperation' was posted earlier.

The Storm Picturesque: studio update video


Australia-based The Storm Picturesque have posted a studio update video with footage from the recording of their upcoming debut full-length album 'Arrival'. It also features some new music. The album is slated for release early next year. A track with the same title was posted over a year ago.

Erra: interview with Mainstream Killed The Indie Star


Mainstream Killed The Indie Star have published a short interview with Alabama-based Erra. The band released their full-length album 'Impulse' last month. A new song off the album, titled 'Efflorescent', was posted earlier.

Read the interview on the 'Mainstream Killed The Indie Star' Website.

Dot Three: new EP 'Biosynthesis - Volume I' released


Joe Newham of Dot Three has released a new EP titled 'Biosynthesis - Volume I' to his Bandcamp page. Listen below. His debut album 'Antithesis' was released earlier.

Listen to 'Biosynthesis - Volume I' on Bandcamp.

LodeStar Dynasty: 'Blurry Moon EP' available for free download


Ryan Geoffrey Martin of California's LodeStar Dynasty has released a new EP titled 'Blurry Moon', which is available for free download on his Bandcamp page. Listen below. He says, 'Music is what I purely enjoy. I know that this is something I am meant to do...My goal is to share complexity in music and have it appeal to every one!'

Listen to 'Blurry Moon' on Bandcamp.

Forever Orion: 'Passion. Love. Harmony.' album released


Forever Orion have released a debut full-length album titled 'Passion. Love. Harmony. ', which is available for purchase from iTunes. They have also uploaded a bonus track off the album, titled 'Fixation Of The Darkness' (Killswitch Engage cover) to their YouTube channel. Listen below. The band report that physical copies of the album will be available for order starting next week.

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