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Sybreed: new album update


Sybreed have announced on their Facebook page that they have finished composing their new album and will start its recording soon. They also write: "The mixing itself, supervised by Mr Rhys Fulber once again, should take place in April 2012 in L.A., and we will handle the artwork part to Seth Siro Anton." Moreover, they have announced that the upcoming album will be titled 'God is an Automaton'.

Periphery: short studio update


Periphery have begun recording their second full length album. They have posted a brief studio update to their YouTube channel. Watch the video below. The band recently parted ways with bass player Tom Murphy.

Drown in Entropy: writing update videos


Drown In Entropy have posted video updates number 4 and 5 to theirYouTube page. Watch below. Writing update number 3 was posted earlier.

Structures: album update video


Sumerian Records has uploaded an interview they conducted with Structures to their YouTube channel. Watch it below. In it they discuss touring, the band's genesis, signing to Sumerian Records, and more. A short drum clip with Andrew McEnaney was posted earlier.

Monuments: album update


Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has posted a note regarding their debut album and the music video for the track 'Memoirs' on the band's Facebook page.

He wrote: "Hey guys, we have some news for you! Firstly, our music video for 'Memoirs' is edited and pretty much ready to release! Secondly, we'll be releasing our debut album with an array of guest vocalists, we'll have some more details shortly [...] !".

Read the announcement on Facebook.

T.R.A.M.: debut album delayed


Guitarist Javier Reyes of T.R.A.M has announced on the band's Facebook page that their debut album, 'Lingua Franca' has been delayed. He writes: "Unfortunately we had to push back the release because we had to do some re-tracking. We want everything to sound perfect so we needed to make these necessary changes. We will announce a new release date shortly".

Periphery: studio update video


Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor of Periphery has uploaded a short video update from Taylor Larson's studio in Maryland. Watch it below. The video contains a 1.5 second clip of the music from the upcoming full-length album saying "You know, we don't want to give too much away since we used to give away everything."

Encircle: album update, new song 'The Beacon'


Anthony "AlucardXIX" DiGiacomo has uploaded a video to his Youtube acccount with some information on the upcoming Encircle album. It will be titled 'Watch the Sky Fall', which is the same name as a previously released EP that is available for free from the Encircle bandcamp page.

There will be 12 tracks on the album, including re-recorded versions of the three EP tracks. Tre Watson will make an appearance with a guest solo as well. One of the new songs ('Oversight', as reported earlier) can already be streamed on the Bandcamp page and below, and in the video you can hear the song 'The Beacon'. There is no release date for this album yet.

Encircle on Bandcamp
Encircle on Facebook

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