Sean Hall: 'Terrestrial' song preview clip


Elitist guitarist Sean Hall has posted a preview clip for his upcoming release titled 'Terrestrial' to his YouTube channel. Watch it below. 'Terrestrial' will be a 5-track EP that will be released within the next year. Elitist recently posted a guitar playthrough for the song 'Pulse'.

Watch the preview and other videos on Youtube.

Spiralmountain: new tracks 'Tundra' and 'The Coalition' (updated)


Erik Ebsen of Spiralmountain has uploaded a new song titled 'Tundra' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. The song will be featured on his next upcoming release, of which there are no new details. Another track titled 'Mammals' was posted earlier.

Wanzwa: debut album released


Marty Eason has released his new project Wanzwa's self-titled debut album. The instrumental album is available for streaming and purchase from Bandcamp, listen below.

Stream / download 'Wanzwa' from Bandcamp.

Gradjent: new album 'Flow System' released


Turkey-based Gradjent have released a new album, titled 'Flow System', which is available for streaming and for free download as separate tracks from their SoundCloud page. Listen to the tracks 'The Wasted' and 'Feel the Way You Want' below.

Stream/download the album from SoundCloud.

Wesley Wyatt: new tracks available, new album 'The Absence of Light' released (updated)


Wesley Wyatt has posted two new demo tracks, 'Untitled Demo 10/1/11' and 'Untitled Demo 10/4/11' to his SoundCloud page. Listen to them below. Another track, titled 'Cairn', was released earlier.

Honeybjorn: new album teaser


Jeff Berridge of Honeybjorn has uploaded a teaser for the projects upcoming album, titled 'I', to his YouTube channel. Listen below. He also writes: "All recording has been finished and it's only a matter of finishing touches before release!". A new track, 'You're Perfect As You Are', was released earlier.

Vildhjarta: new website online, artwork available


Vildhjarta have launched a new version of their website, featuring a virtual booklet that contains the album artwork. We are currently hosting a Q&A session with the band on our forums.

View the artwork on

Subscale: new album preview


Subscale have posted an instrumental sampler of their upcoming debut album to their SoundCloud page. Listen to it below. The album is slated for release by the end of 2011. A cover of Rihanna's 'S&M' was posted earlier.

Listen to the preview on SoundCloud.

Abstract Virus: new album 'Reborn'


Julian Suhr of Abstract Virus has released a debut album, titled 'Reborn', which is available for streaming and for purchase from his Bandcamp page. Listen below.

Stream / purchase the album from Bandcamp.

Warp Prism: new title track 'Evolution'


Multi-instrumentalist Kevin Suter and Ryan Wall of Warp Prism have released the title track to the upcoming 'Evolution' album, due early next year. Listen to the track below. The album's tentative track listing can be found on the band's album Bandcamp page.

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