Born Of Osiris: 'The Discovery' tracklist announced, pre-order packages available


Headbang has published the track listing for the upcoming album of Born of Osiris, 'The Discovery'. The album is due to be released on March 22th, by Sumerian Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Follow The Signs
2. Singularity
3. Ascension
4. Devastate
5. Recreate
6. Two Worlds Of Design
7. A Solution
8. Shaping The Masterpiece
9. Dissimulation
10. Automatic Motion

Born Of Osiris: 'The Discovery' album art revealed


Born of Osiris have revealed the album art of their upcoming album 'The Discovery' which is slated for release on March 22, 2011 via Sumerian Records. View it below. Recently they have released a new single, titled 'Follow The Signs', which is available on iTunes.

UPDATE: a higher-resolution version of the cover art has surfaced on It can be viewed below.

Nova: debut album 'Invert Theory' available


Nova have released a debut album, titled 'Invert Theory'. It is available for free download from the band's page. Recently they also have released a track titled 'Precambrian' which is available in the featured music submission queue on this site and doesn't appear on the band's new album.

Deely: new album 'Unframed' available for download (updated)


Tomasz Huczek a.k.a. Deely has released a new album, titled 'Unframed'. It's available for free download from his Bandcamp page. The first track on the album, 'Trial run' features a guest solo by Piotrek Gruszka. His previous work, the 'Ineave' EP, was released in May 2010 and can be also streamed or downloaded for free from his Bandcamp page.

UPDATE: Tomasz has provided an alternate download link in case he runs out of free download credits on Bandcamp. You can download the album from Dropbox here.

Download/stream 'Unframed' from Bandcamp.
Download 'Unframed' from Dropbox.

Haunted Shores: new song 'Terra Firma' with Mike Semesky


Haunted Shores have posted a new demo song on their SoundCloud page called 'Terra Firma', featuring vocalist Mike Semesky (of Vestascension and Rest Among Ruins). The track, as stated by the band on their Facebook page, is a reworked version of the song 'When In Oslo', which was featured on the split EP with Cyclamen they released last year.

Stream / download 'Terra Firma' on SoundCloud.

Kill the Masses entering studio this spring


Kill the Masses report that they plan to hit the studio in late March / early April to record their upcoming full length album. The album will be recorded with Volumes guitarist and engineer Daniel Braunstein, and it will feature guest appearances by Chris Storey (ex-All Shall Perish), and possibly Corey Bennet (Bermuda). The band have decided to add several more progressive elements to this upcoming release. Two jam videos can be watched below. They feature guitar players Rob Brown and Nathan Porteous and drummer Elden Ferris playing a couple of songs in the early stages of creation.

Bulb: new song clips, new Periphery album teaser


Periphery guitarist Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor has uploaded three new clips to his SoundClick page. The first two, 'The Moonstar' and 'Make Total Destroy!' are rough clips of new song ideas. The third is a teaser "of things to come for Periphery's second album". He also writes that the band will not be releasing a lot of material on beforehand, as was the case with their self-titled debut album.

Listen to 'The Moonstar' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Make Total Destroy!' on SoundClick.
Listen to the second Periphery album teaser on SoundClick.

Scale The Summit: studio update video


Scale The Summit have posted the first one in a series of studio update videos about the recording of their upcoming full-length album, 'The Collective'. Watch it below. The album artwork and release date were announced earlier this week.

Deely: album title announced


Tomasz Huczek a.k.a. Deely has posted some further details concerning his upcoming debut album on his Facebook page. He says that it will be titled 'Unframed' and contain 7 tracks. His previous release, 'Ineave' can be streamed or downloaded for free from his Bandcamp page.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

Born of Osiris: 'The Discovery' to be released in March


Born of Osiris's label Sumerian Records has announced on Facebook that the band's forthcoming full-length album is titled 'The Discovery' and will be released on March 22nd. The track listing is yet to be announced, and no cover art has been revealed. The album has been in the works for a while and a studio update video was posted in October.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

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