The Interbeing announce album title


The Interbeing have announced the title for their upcoming debut album: 'Edge of the Obscure'. They have also chosen 8 songs that will be featured on the record so far. They are: Tongue of the Soiled, Shadow Drift, Fields of Grey, Celestial Flames, Swallowing White Light, In the Transcendence, Face Deletion and Rhesus Artificial. Four of these are currently available for streaming on their Myspace page.

The band will record guitars, bass, vocals and electronics for the album in their own studio. Drums will be recorded at Hansen Studios later this month, and Jacob Hansen will also mix and master the album. In the announcement, they indicate that they will be uploading some studio videos in the near future.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

Periphery: album version of 'Icarus Lives' available

5 has uploaded the album version of the Periphery classic 'Icarus Lives'. Listen to it here. The song has been rerecorded with new vocalist Spencer Sotelo and will be featured on their upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released on April 20th by Sumerian Records. As we reported, the album version of 'Light' was uploaded to their Myspace page a few days ago.

Listen to 'Icarus Lives' on

The Machinist: new song available


The Machinist have uploaded a new track titled 'Split Seconds' to their Myspace page. As we wrote earlier, the band are currently writing an album. No details about this release have been announced yet.

Listen to 'Split Seconds' on Myspace.

Veil Of Maya post new song "Unbreakable", announce release date


Veil Of Maya have posted a new and seemingly un-mastered track on their Myspace page, titled 'Unbreakable'. The song is featured on their highly antipicated sophomore album 'I.D.', which will be released on April 6th by Sumerian Records. They have also updated their Myspace page layout to reflect this.

Listen to 'Unbreakable' on Myspace.

UPDATE: Sumerian Records has uploaded a short promo video for the album to their YouTube channel. Watch it below.

El Scar: demo track from 'The Human Instrumentality Project' available


Marc Le Cras, AKA El Scar, has uploaded a rough demo track from his upcoming debut album, The Human Instrumentality Project, titled 'The Beginning And The End'. It is available on his Myspace page. As we wrote earlier, the album is currently in the works and should be released in May. It will be available to download for free.

Listen to 'The Beginning And The End' on Myspace.
Read the announcement on Myspace.

The Safety Fire recording debut album


The Safety Fire report that they are currently working on their debut full length album. They write: "For the last few months we have been locked away in our studio space in South East London, literally at times eating and sleeping there! How exactly this is reflected in the album I guess you will have to wait and see! A lot of new tracks have now been tracked and its definitely time to start the recording process!"

The band write that they will be posting a series of studio updates on their YouTube channel over the next few months. The first one was already uploaded a couple of months ago.

Read the announcement on Myspace.

TesseracT: 'One' tracklisting available


Acle Kahney of TesseracT has posted a photo of a CD sleeve on which is printed what is presumably the tracklisting for their upcoming debut album, 'One'. Click "Read more" to view the image, or view it on his Facebook profile. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Lament 04:53
02. Nascent 04:09
03. Concealing Fate - Part 1 08:38
04. Concealing Fate - Part 2 05:17
05. Concealing Fate - Part 3 04:50
06. Concealing Fate - Part 4 02:38
07. Concealing Fate - Part 5 01:29
08. Concealing Fate - Part 6 04:44
09. Sunrise 03:57
10. April 04:48
11. Eden 09:08

Excessum: debut album update


Excessum are currently working on their debut album and have posted an update about this on our forum. They are currently writing music, with 5 songs completed and about 6 others in the works. A release date for the album hasn't been set yet. The band hope to start recording after embarking on a tour. No other information about this is available at the moment, save for a few gigs in and around Bicester, UK that are listed on their Myspace page. They have also indicated that they might be releasing some teasers and demos of the album in the future.

Periphery: album version of 'Light' available


Periphery have posted the new version of their song 'Light', which will be featured on their upcoming debut album. It features their new vocalist Spencer Sotelo. As we wrote earlier, the album will be released on April 20th by Sumerian Records. The band will be touring North America in the next two months, supporting bands like Fear Factory and God Forbid, among others.

Listen to 'Light' on Myspace.

Friend For A Foe post FAQ, release information


Friend For A Foe have posted a short FAQ on their Myspace page. In the answers they indicate that they are currently working on a 3-track EP which will be released for free this spring. They are also working on a full-length album which is slated for release this summer. Both will feature vocals by two vocalists, whose names are yet to be revealed. Some speculation on the subject was posted a few weeks ago. The band are still looking to recruit a bassist.

For more information and details, read the post on Myspace.

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