Fractal Artifact: new demo track 'Superluminal Voyage'


Christian Kirkpatrick of Fractal Artifact has published a new demo track, titled 'Superluminal Voyage' on his SoundCloud and YouTube pages. Watch and listen below. A new version of his first track 'Helios' was published earlier this month.

Chad Haynes: new track 'My Old Man's Rolex'


Australian solo instrumentalist Chad Haynes has published a new track titled 'My Old Man's Rolex' on his Youtube page. Listen to below. A downloadable version is available on Newgrounds website, in which he comments: "Just a simple little tune to break the silence. Haven't recorded for a while and I'm finally all set up and ready to go again! Will probably put some vocals on this guy".

Once a Wolf: new track 'Arms Race'


Once a Wolf have uploaded a new song, titled 'Arms Race' to their SoundCloud page. This track will feature as the first track on their upcoming debut EP, 'Advent', which is slated for release on February 6th. Another track off their debut EP, titled 'Primeval Atom', was released last year.

Listen to 'Arms Race' on SoundCloud.

Ever Forthright: final version of 'Dispose of Your Optimism' available


Ever Forthright have posted the final version (with vocals performed by Chris Barretto) of the song 'Dispose of Your Optimism' on their SoundCloud, SoundClick and Bandcamp pages. Listen to below.

Fractal Artifact: new version of 'Helios' available


Christian Kirkpatrick of Fractal Artifact has published a new version of his first track 'Helios' on his SoundCloud page. A playthrough video for his song 'Quetzalcoatl' was posted earlier this year.

Listen to 'Helios' on SoundCloud.

Fall In Archaea: new song 'The Messenger'


Canadian progressive metal band Fall In Archaea have released a new track off their forthcoming album 'Gatherings', titled 'The Messenger'. It is available on their Myspace page and on YouTube, listen below. 'Gatherings' will be available on January 25th and is currently available for preorder.

Listen to 'The Messenger' on Myspace.

The Algorithm: new track 'Antikythera Mechanism [Pt. 1]'


Remi Gallego of The Algorithm has released a new track titled 'Antikythera Mechanism [Pt. 1]', which is featured on his upcoming album 'Identity'. It's available for streaming on his Facebook and Soundcloud pages, and on his YouTube channel.

Listen to 'Antikythera Mechanism [Pt. 1]' on Facebook.
Listen to 'Antikythera Mechanism [Pt. 1]' on Soundcloud.

Kevin Suter: new concept track 'PlanetFall'


Solo-instrumentalist Kevin Suter has released a new 10-minute concept track under the name 'PlanetFall'. The track is available for streaming and free download from PlanetFall's Bandcamp page. His other material is available on his personal Bandcamp page.

About the track, he writes: "I started writing the first few minutes of this track and was unsure of what to do with it, so I left it for a few hours and when I came back I ended up spending about 7-8 hours writing recording mixing and mastering this 'thing' and then I did the artwork (random space picture from internet with my own text/editing over it, I hold no claims to the picture) and posted it on Bandcamp."

Stream / download 'PlanetFall' from Bandcamp.

Absent Distance: new track 'Crystalline'


Hungarian duo Absent Distance have uploaded a new instrumental track to their YouTube channel. Listen below. They have been regularly releasing new songs since early December. The track is also available on their Facebook and SoundCloud pages.

Listen to 'Crystalline' on Facebook.
Listen to 'Crystalline' on SoundCloud.

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